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Dental implants in the UK vs abroad

If you’re thinking of dental implants you might have considered going abroad for treatment, in the belief that dental surgeons in other countries can offer an equivalent level of professionalism and skill to UK counterparts but at a lower cost. But is the risk worth it?

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The real casualties of tooth loss

At Evodental we deal in full jaw rehabilitation, providing dental implant-based treatment for patients who require full jaw oral reconstructions. But what does that rehabilitation mean for our patients? To answer that question we really need to ask another question altogether. How does losing teeth affect your health and wellbeing?

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Meet the Evodental team: Kayley Rooney, Liverpool Practice Manager

Kayley Rooney is the Practice Manager at Evodental’s Liverpool headquarters, which means she does a bit of everything, from admin and answering sales enquiries to fielding patient questions.

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