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Our team

Meet our clinical, non-clinical and technical teams who work in our London and North West supercentres.

Dr Vijay: “Our laboratory and clinical spaces are interconnected, meaning exceptional communication between teams, which can only be good for the patient’s treatment outcome.”


Photo of Dr Rajesh Vijay

Dr Rajesh Vijay BDS

Clinical Director

Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow in Dentistry within the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences at the University of Manchester. Founded and developed the Evolution Solution.

GDC no. 70180

Photo of Professor Paul Coulthard

Professor Paul Coulthard BDS, MFGDP, MDS, FDSRCS, FDSRCS(OS), PhD

Clinical Director - Research & Development

Head of School of Dentistry (University of Manchester)

GDC no. 55471

Photo of Dr Izabela Turek

Dr Izabela Turek BDS, MSc (Implant Dentistry), PGDip

Clinical Associate

GDC no. 100331

Photo of Dr Stuart Kilner

Dr Stuart Kilner BDS

Resident Clinician

GDC no. 255542

Photo of Dr Alessandro Pedercini

Dr Alessandro Pedercini DDS

Resident Clinician

GDC no. 262580

Photo of Leanne Armstrong

Leanne Armstrong

Dental Nurse

GDC no. 179568

Photo of Zoe Walmsley

Zoe Walmsley

Dental Nurse

GDC no. 160940

Photo of Mariam Khan

Mariam Khan

Dental Nurse

GDC no. 239529

Photo of Monika Sienczak

Monika Sienczak

Dental Nurse

GDC no. 246541

Photo of Anna Wojtan

Anna Wojtan

Dental Nurse

GDC no. 263652

Photo of Alma Caraig

Alma Caraig

Dental Nurse

GDC no. 104591

Photo of Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy

Dental Nurse

GDC no. 208712

Photo of Charlene Finn

Charlene Finn

Decontamination Technician

Photo of


Photo of Andrew Thirkill

Andrew Thirkill


Photo of Steve O’Brien

Steve O’Brien ACIOB

Managing Director

Photo of Robert Basnett

Robert Basnett FCCA

Financial Controller

Photo of Manoj Vijay

Manoj Vijay MBA

Commercial & Technology Director

Photo of Kayley Rooney

Kayley Rooney

Practice Manager

Photo of Anna-Liisa Williams

Anna-Liisa Williams


Photo of Georgia Allen

Georgia Allen


Photo of


Photo of Rachael Gorman

Rachael Gorman


GDC no. 226292

Photo of Daniel Cupples

Daniel Cupples


GDC no. 152195

Photo of Anna Cygan

Anna Cygan


GDC no. 152215

Photo of Tomasz Iwanski

Tomasz Iwanski


GDC no. 249374

Photo of Atanas Rusev

Atanas Rusev


GDC no. 162082

Photo of Cristina Popescu

Cristina Popescu


GDC no. 261305

Photo of Diana Popa

Diana Popa


GDC no. 266564

Photo of Liviu Racovita

Liviu Racovita

Process Worker

Photo of Jake Christiansen

Jake Christiansen

Apprentice Technician

Photo of Molly Palmer

Molly Palmer

Apprentice Technician

Photo of
Photo of
Photo of

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