Personal Protective Equipment – Everything You Need to Know About Your Visit to EvoDental

Following the announcement by the government and regulating bodies, we are incredibly pleased to announce that we will be re-opening our doors from Monday 8th June 2020!

Upon entering the building, you will be asked to sanitize your hands, and to put on a mask.

You have waited long enough to change your life; you should not have to wait any longer than is absolutely necessary. Rest assured in the background our team have been working on some exciting new projects but more importantly ensuring our EvoDental clinics exceed the highest standard of safety for both our patients and staff.

So, let us talk about the new look at the EvoDental Clinics…

Were you able to guess this is Dr Turek, our Senior Clinician at our Liverpool Clinic!

Firstly, you will notice that our staff may appear like something out of a sci-fi film, do not be alarmed it is still us in our enhanced PPE. We want to emphasise the extent of our already excellent cross infection procedures and personal protection equipment has always been to the highest standard. The word enhanced is moving our high standards to a new realm with advanced risk assessments and new protocols have been put in place to ensure everyone’s safety.

We want to encourage you as patients that the EvoDental clinics are a safe place to be. Social distancing will be enforced within the clinic, each patient will have their own waiting room which has been thoroughly deep cleaned prior to your arrival. The contact between yourself and staff will be kept to a minimum ensuring you only see the staff needed ie the treating clinician, nurse, and your treatment coordinator.  You may be asked to wait in your car until your appointment time to limit the bodies in the building at one time, again this is something our staff will discuss with you prior to your appointment.

EvoDental have private patient suites, so you will never be waiting in a shared waiting room

We have invested heavily into the appropriate personal protection for our staff when carrying out treatment, our surgeries will now have a more effective flow and after each patients appointment a quality assured machine will be used to clean and disinfect the air before the next patient is seen. With this, appointment times may be limited to particular times of day as we have a more organised diary in place for the correct procedures to be carried out, please be understanding in this time and we will be as accommodating as we can.

As we say it is strange times, we find ourselves in, but as humans we learn to adapt and overcome. The time is near we will see you again, so for now keep faith and we will be back together treating all our lovely patients maybe just looking a little bit more like astronauts!

By Senior Clinician, Dr Rudi Mukherjee, and Dental Therapist Lauren McGovern

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