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Why I work at Evo – Ionela-Alina Putura

Being a Dental Nurse I enjoy supporting the Clinicians in all aspects of treatment needed for our patients. I am a Nurse at the Evo London Supercentre, and doing my best with the whole Evo Team’s support and dedication to make The Big Difference in someone’s life! Why I like to call it The Big Difference? Being a Nurse then I have seen patients happy with different types of treatments needed, but being a Nurse now I can see the Big Change in someone’s life … when they get their smile back and enjoy their meals again. It is rewarding to hear every day: “Thank you for changing my life”, “ Thanks to you, I can eat again in public”, “ Thank you I have got my life back”, etc.  And this is why I love to work for Evo.  I have the opportunity to be part of a life changing treatment every day and to see not just the patients happy but their families too!

I am seeing patients from their first appointments where they feel a bit or very anxious until the last appointment where they feel very happy, confident and healthy – I ensure they feel comfortable and offer assistance when they are here.

I am a great team player and always try to practice something new whenever is possible.  Since we have our Lab in-house, I have the opportunity to learn and understand what my perfectionist colleagues are doing, and whenever necessary I keep the patient updated.

At the moment, I am enrolled on the Dental Radiography and Radiology Course – giving me the opportunity to increase my skill set further.

Together we are Team Evo … aiming for perfection, improvement and evolution everyday!

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