Olivia Williams

Hi, my name is Liv and I am a Dental Nurse here at EvoDental. 

I started working as a dental nurse at a part NHS and private practice, learning and gaining skills in general and private dentistry for 6 years. Throughout my time as a dental nurse my main sense of achievement has been looking after my patients, helping to achieve the best outcomes for them. 

Working at EvoDental as a dental nurse is a dream come true. I am so happy to be a part of our patient’s journeys and an amazing team. My favourite part of our patient’s journey is when they have their teeth fitted on surgery day and they smile. Knowing that my patients’ have not smiled for years because they were to scared and embarrassed, can be a happy emotional moment and I always go home smiling knowing that I have changed my patient’s life today! 

I started karate at the age of six and I progressed to get my 1st Dan black belt and instructors’ qualification by the age of fifteen and I still like to keep fit now and for fighting competitions. I like to socialise with friends and family, spending time with my loved ones means the world to me. I also enjoy going on holidays, travelling the world, exploring, testing new restaurants, cooking new concoctions and hiking!