A day in the life of Evo...Alessandro Pedercini

Name: Alessandro Pedercini

Position: Resident Clinician

For resident clinician Alessandro, every day at Evodental can be different. “I hate to be bored and I hate doing the same thing every say, so I wouldn’t change the way we work at Evo at all,” he says.

Looking in from the outside, the sheer diversity of Alessandro’s job might seem strange. Surely a dental surgeon just performs dental surgery? In fact, there’s a lot more to the role than that.

“In a typical day I might be in surgery in the morning,” he says. ‘I assist the lead surgeon. It’s my job to do all of the pre and post-operative work. I also have to take the impression that creates the data for the manufacture of implant retained prosthesis – that’s important, because every Evo solution is tailored for each individual patient.”

“No two days are the same”

After surgery, Alessandro’s day can take a number of different turns. Care for those who have had surgery, and who are now gently recovering in one of Evo’s private suites, is the immediate priority. He takes the time to chat to patients, advising them on the healing process, answering any questions they may have and prescribing any medicines they may need. It’s important that patients feel reassured, and he thinks the best way to do that is simply to sit down and talk to them.

Talking is actually key to Alessandro’s role. Part of a typical afternoon may be given over to a patient’s pre-surgery consultation, which is necessarily thorough.

“We make sure we give patients all the information they need to make the right decision for them. That’s why the pre-surgery consultation can take so long. In that time we talk through everything, from the surgery itself to choosing the mould and colour of their prosthesis. We tell them about the benefits of the surgery, and we tell them about the limitations too. We are totally open and honest.”

“Information is key”

If Alessandro spends a lot of time informing patients, he also takes time to keep his fellow professionals abreast of developments in Evo’s advanced oral-bioengineering techniques. Evo has a history of pushing the latest technology to its limits to create better, more tailored and more cost effective full arch reconstructions. Keeping dentists - and dentistry students from the University of Manchester - informed about these processes is an important part of Evo’s outreach work.

“At these presentations I talk through patient stories and show what we have learned from each one,” he says. “I’m very passionate about passing on that knowledge to other dental professionals, because ultimately when they know about what we can do it gives them another option for their patients.”

Teaching is an occasional part of Alessandro’s role. He is responsible for many of the regular check-ups that all Evo patients have after surgery, to make sure implants are settling well and they are happy with their new smiles.

“Learn and improve”

Alessandro, as his name suggests, is Italian, and studied in the beautiful city of Verona. “Sometimes I miss Verona but I’m 28 and still have a lot to learn. I think Evo is the perfect place for me. The philosophy here, the techniques we use every day – it fits with what I want to be and it’s a great place for me to learn and improve.”