Competition winners

2015 Winner: David Lowis

David Lowis, from Lincolnshire, was randomly selected as the winner of our competition for free dental implant treatment worth up to £9,500. He came to see us for a consultation and was suitable for treatment, so all he had to do was arrange his treatment appointment with us.

David came to see us for his consultation and had his treatment two weeks later. On the morning of his procedure, David was feeling a little nervous but was looking forward to his new fixed upper and lower teeth and the renewed confidence they would give him.

Three weeks after his treatment, David came back to Evodental for his check-up. His new implants were healing well and he had found the confidence to get involved in conversations again. He had even started writing a speech for his daughter’s summer wedding; something he didn’t think he would have had the confidence to do prior to his full jaw dental implant treatment.

Watch the videos below to see the change in David from before and after his treatment, and see for yourself what a difference full jaw dental implants can make.

Before treatment

David Lowis before treatment

After treatment

David Lowis after treatment

David speaking before treatment

David speaking after treatment