Gillion Rock, age 49, Leeds

Video transcript

I think it all came to a head when I was in an abusive relationship and I had a few of my back teeth knocked out. Which, yeah, wasn’t right, it was upsetting and what have you but in the end of the day I could hide it. I could still eat pretty normally but it was very slow, if I had steak or anything like that. Everybody’s plate would be finished far more quickly before mine is because obviously it took longer to chew. And then I finished up losing all my molars at the top. Which then again I used to think, “It’s all right, I can still chew. I’ve got all the bottom teeth and I got the incisors,” but I think, I didn’t go to the dentist for ten years, I should have done but I never did.

The children went. I went and had children and everything else like that in an abusive relationship that really, really down. Anyway, eventually I cut my ties with him and my teeth started getting loose at the front. Which I only had left really, I had seven teeth at the front. But they were getting loose and my gums were receding slightly and every time I looked at them, they didn’t look good and no matter how many pearly whites toothpaste I had or anything else like that, they were still there and people used to say, “Have veneers,” or something like that and I would say, “No, I can’t have veneers, my teeth are bad.” You wouldn’t put wallpaper on a damp wall. So I knew that the teeth would actually eventually come out and I started doing my research on implants.

I knew that implants was going to be the way forward and one, well two things really. I was scared. I was, I didn’t want to go and see anybody because I didn’t want them looking at my teeth and thinking “Ew.” I’d managed to cover it up for five, ten years and all of a sudden I knew that I’d eventually have to go. But it came to a point when I went on holiday in July with some friends and I knocked my tooth here but obviously not this one but it became very loose.

So the year of looking into implants, reading all the research I thought I knew everything about it. I knew that I had to do it pretty fast because this tooth is coming out and there were no way on this earth that I was going to be walking around with a front tooth missing. So I started ringing up a few places and made a few inquiries about it all. I finished up actually going to Peterborough and I paid for a consultation. And I was going to have the treatment done the following week, on a Friday. And it was the Wednesday prior to the Friday in the evening and I just thought I just need to have another look on the internet. And I couldn’t believe it because I thought I had seen everything and then I saw Evo Dental. And I read everything about it and I was quite impressed like, and I couldn’t understand why I’d missed it.

I was prepared to go all the way to Peterborough, I like in Wakefield, Leeds. And this was in Liverpool and I thought, and I remember at the time it was quarter to seven in the evening. And there was a telephone number and I thought there’s nothing to lose. Give them a ring because I was going to have surgery within 48 hours if I didn’t ring these people up, I might regret it.

So anyway I rang up thinking I was getting an answering machine and I was absolutely shocked when I got a human voice at quarter to seven in the evening. And I just said, “Look, I am supposed to be having my teeth done,” and it was Steve I spoke to. I said, “Is there any chance of an appointment?” And he said, “Can you get here on Friday?” And I thought, this was when I was supposed to be going down to Peterborough and having these implants done. And I thought, “Oh, to hell with it, really. Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there. What time?” “Half past eleven.” “Fine. I’ll be there.”

I then emailed, being the coward I am, rather than ringing them, Peterborough to say, “I am going to cancel the appointment if there’s any penalties to pay because it’s 48 hours prior to the surgery I will pay the difference,” because I had already paid for the consultation. But the things about Evo was, what I liked about the website was everything was under one roof, everything. And the fact that the lab’s there, the technicians are there, the nurses are there. Everybody’s under one roof.

So, I read up on the web about Evo, which I can’t believe for the life of me how I had missed it. But I was so glad I did and so glad I got in touch with Steve. So I cancelled Peterborough and came up here. Straight off the motorway, two minutes, I am into a car park where I am not looking for a space. I am not having to find a meter to put £10 worth of change into. Parked straight outside the building, straight in. Met by Kayleigh, lovely girl, really think the world of her. Straight away, straight into the waiting room and then within five minutes… I don’t, in fact I have been here about three times and I don’t think I have even spent ten minutes in there at all in all the times I have been here. And then went to see Dr. Veejay. I had the x-ray done straight away, before I even sat down. And then he asked me a few questions and then he asked me about my story. And I told him I am really embarrassed. I don’t want you to see my teeth. And he listened to everything I had to say.

The majority of the time I was talking with my hand over my mouth like that. If I smiled it was like this because when I smiled in the mirror, when I were on my own, I saw teeth but then blackouts there. So if I laughed, because I had been doing it for so long, it was a natural reaction to do this. I didn’t know I was doing this. I was doing it all the time. I became very quiet, very sort of subdued and what have you. But I thought I was doing pretty well because I come out of a relationship, I was on me own now, I was working at Mercedes Benz, I love cars. And I was getting back on my feet but I knew now it was imminent that I was going to lose this tooth and I am the face of Mercedes Benz, I am front desk these are the people who was going to see me, the customers are going to be seeing me and if I smile, I am going to have a tooth missing.

Came to see him, oh he was brilliant. I was here for a full hour. Now, you leave with like a portfolio with this file, with an x-ray of your teeth. What he was going to do to my teeth. What he, what I wanted, what he suggested. But I honestly thought I knew about implants. I had been doing research for a year. This place does one thing and one thing only. Rather than the other implant centers that I had visited, which is they did implants. Variations of implants but one specialty, implants. I knew as soon as I walked out of this building, Evo Dental definitely lives up to its name. Evo.

He’s a genius is the guy. He is years in advanced technology, he leaves the rest of them standing. He has got a passion, it’s not a business to him it’s a passion to him. He’s such a perfectionist. It rubs off on you and you don’t realize at first. But I could have walked away with this portfolio, he’s got everything written in it. Absolutely. I didn’t have to come back. I had spent an hour and a half at Evo Dental, nobody asked for a penny or nothing. But I booked my surgery before leaving. I knew there and then this is the place.

I was so embarrassed about my teeth I even, I got into a new relationship I wouldn’t even let him anywhere near me, my teeth. I would’t open my mouth wide. Wouldn’t laugh, wouldn’t smile, if I did, the old hand came up. And anyway, I was embarrassed, I didn’t want anyboey to see my teeth and I thought, “It’s inevitable, somebody’s got to see them.” And then I thought to myself, “I might be embarrassed but do you know what? I am doing something about it.” And that’s the difference.

So, obviously I was embarrassed but then I was like, before I walked in here I thought, “But you know what Gillion, you doing something about it. That means you’re 80% there. You’re doing something about it. You’re not going to sit back anymore. You’re not going to let people walk all over you. You’re going to do something about it.”

So I came in here and, do you know what? They’re all fantastic because they all understand where I’m coming from. They knew it would that it would take guts for anybody to walk in here. But they also know, “I’m glad you’re here, because we can help you.” And Dr. Veejay, he is so strict and so firm, he would look in my mouth. The second visit I came, we did the moulds and he is so quick, and so fast, it’s because he understands that I have got a framework in my mouth to keep my mouth open. But he understands that it’s going to start aching after a while and I couldn’t believe how fast he was.

I came out, this was the best decision. I don’t know what it was that night that I looked at Evo Dental but, this was the place to be. And I’ll tell you what it was why I finished up coming here. Everything’s under one roof like I said, all the lab technicians, everybody. So the communication is, when people make human error it’s usually through communication. Or things get sent away through the post, or they’re mislaid. No. That error is never going to be made here, because everybody knows what everybody’s doing. The patient’s welfare is paramount and everybody believes in that.

And the morning I came in for surgery, parked up, husband said, “Hello, goodbye.” Taken to my own little private room. And then Dr. Veejay came in to say, “Hi, are you all right? And just getting all sorted out.” And then I had Leanne, who was my nurse for that day, she was looking after me for the day. So she went through absolutely everything. There wasn’t one question I wasn’t ever asked because everything was written down. It was foolproof. It was, anybody, it was so easy. You knew what you were going to do, you knew what to expect, everything was written for you. Everybody had told you, everybody asked if you were fine.

They asked if you wanted pre-med. I said, “Give me very drug going please because I’m a coward.” And they gave me this little pink pill. I tell you something, if you could get them on the market I would buy them by the thousands. By the time I went upstairs I was giggling. When I was in the chair, I think I was in the chair for about an hour. But obviously an instinct that you want to swallow, when you’re in the chair. And every time I went to swallow I nearly started laughing because… and this is true surgery I am having major surgery. I am having… my gums are open, I haven’t got a clue what’s happening, I know I am having my teeth extracted but I couldn’t feel a thing, I just heard the implements, and the drill and the [inaudible 00:14:25] but I couldn’t feel a thing. I honestly I thought if I start dribbling and that’s all I kept thinking and I was dying to laugh. And meanwhile Dr. Veejay’s going “ta-dup”, “ta-dup”, “ta-dup”, “ta-dup”, “ta-dup”, “ta-dup” like this and, “Keep still Gill, keep still”. I’m going, “Yeah, all right, then.”

I don’t know how long it was, I think it was about an hour I was in the chair for but I started falling asleep. And I must have been doing because Leanne turned around and goes, “Five more minutes now Gill and then you can go to sleep.” I didn’t realize I was falling asleep, would you believe it, while I was having major surgery. It didn’t seem like major surgery. It just didn’t. It just felt like you were going to the dentist and you were having a few fillings. But I knew it wasn’t. But this pill, magic stuff is that, whatever it is get ’em in batches next time.

Anyway I went back downstairs in what must have been about an hour, it might have been longer, might have been shorter, I didn’t care. I was having something done to my teeth and I knew I was in good hands. I had so much faith in him, he’s an absolute genius the guy. And that’s what I do call him, the genius. He is so talented. Do you know what? He is the best in his field and I couldn’t even think of anybody who could even come second to him. They’re miles behind him.

They took me to the room. I had loads of ice cream by the way they have got fantastic selection out there, in fact I’m hoping to have some before I go. But I had ice cream. That were brilliant. Whatever bit of bleeding, because they did say there was going to be bleeding afterwards, and I supposed it should because I’d just had major surgery but, hardly any bleeding. But I had this ice cream and it just completely stopped it. With that I fell asleep. Now, you can imagine, fast asleep thank God I was on my own because I had no teeth in my upper jaw. Next minute, I remember the girls coming in just to check up on me. And my husband told me later on that, “I’d rung you three times you were fast asleep.” Well, I had to do, that pill was amazing.

But then next minute Leanne’s in. “Gill, we’re ready for you upstairs.” So I yawned, stretched, got up went upstairs, Dr. Veejay within five minutes I was back down. Well not downstairs but in five minutes he handed me a mirror. I says, “Is that it?” “Yeah, your teeth are in. Have a look.” So, I looked. He says, “Smile at me.” I thought I was smiling. He says, “Smile at me.” You know what, in ten years, I didn’t know how to smile. I really didn’t know how to smile because I was so used to not, just like this. I didn’t. And he said, “Smile at me, Gill.” And I smiled and I widened my mouth and all of a sudden I’ve got cheekbones because obviously there’s teeth in me mouth now. This is not dental surgery. This is face reconstruction. I have had a facelift as well at the same time because it stretched all me skin. So I all these little marks I had down here and all of it has been stretched. He’s a right plastic surgeon as well to boot, but don’t tell him that. But yeah, I started crying. I couldn’t believe it. I wanted back what God had given me. And there five minutes, all in one day. The majority of that I was fast asleep or laughing.

And yeah so my teeth were done, I went home and I couldn’t stop putting my tongue over. There’s teeth I feel like a twenty year old again. I went home and once all the anesthetic and the tablet wore off, which I was upset about, I was laughing. I had a fish masala to eat. Paul kept saying to me, “Don’t it feel sore?” But I’d got antibiotics. Not only had I got antibiotics, I got painkillers in. Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. They’ll give you loads of things, these ice packs. Just in case your face swells up. Mine hadn’t swollen up, not then. But even when it did, the only reason how I knew was because I felt like, I could see part of my cheek, it slightly rose there. But it was just, you could imagine, I had major surgery in my mouth.

So anyway, I’ve had the teeth done, they’re in. And every day gets better and better, I surprise myself, my confidence level soared. I feel so much better, so much more alive. It’s given me back my life if I am really, really brutally honest. I’ve got my life back. I have a smile coming in to see him. Everything about the procedure from start to finish, it was so easy. It doesn’t hurt, it really, really doesn’t hurt.

And these are the full set. If somebody’s watching me, listening to me now. You are three-quarters there. All you got to do is make an appointment. It’s free, what you got to lose? That’s what I did. I’m just a normal person, everyday. I didn’t have to find answers and even if you haven’t have got a bean in the bank it doesn’t matter there are ways and means. All Evo Dental want to do is put that smile back on your face and give you back your life and it’s as simple as that. And I never looked back and I wish to God, if I got one regret in my life, is that I didn’t do this 30 years ago. And that’s it, basically. It’s life changing.

The price you pay is peanuts. You can buy a secondhand car in fact you wouldn’t get a secondhand car for what I’ve have done. It would be basically an old banger. But in ten years time, in 20 years time, I am going to still have these, the car will be gone. It’s an investment on yourself and I can’t think of anything more important than that.

The price you pay is peanuts. You can buy a secondhand car in fact you wouldn’t get a secondhand car for what I’ve have done. It would be basically an old banger. But in ten years time, in 20 years time, I am going to still have these, the car will be gone. It’s an investment on yourself and I can’t think of anything more important than that.