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Undertaking a journey of full jaw implant treatment is an important decision and can be a daunting one. The following are real stories from real people about their individual experiences with Evodental.

Patricia, age 62

Before and after photos of Patricia

Patricia had suffered with dental problems since childhood and had numerous fillings. When she was in her 40s, she required a partial denture to support one tooth in her upper jaw, shortly followed by the same in her lower jaw. Within the following 10 years, her dental problems had escalated to needing a partial upper and lower denture supporting seven front teeth on each. Patricia had to be selective about what she ate as well as when she drank tea and coffee, as she found they dissolved the adhesive which kept her denture in place.

”My lifestyle became regimented in a negative way as everything had to be based on what I had in my mouth. Aside from the food, my biggest nightmare was that my dentures would come out while in public and that’s exactly what happened. I was out for dinner with my husband and, as I came to order my food, my top denture dislodged and fell on the table! This was by far the most horrific thing that I could have imagined and it became a reality. I was fed up and needed a solution quickly.

”My husband had come to Evodental to have his upper and lower jaw fixed using the Evo 1-Day Smile procedure and felt that it was time I did the same. I called to book in for a consultation, which was free of charge as it was for my husband.

The consultation lasted about 45 minutes during which I had my x-rays taken and had a full clinical consultation. It was explained that I had sufficient bone and was in good health, so the treatment would be possible. I was asked to go home and consider the treatment plan in order to come to a decision. I had already made my mind up but decided to go home and have a think about it. I had a cup of tea that night that loosened my denture and my mind was made up! I wasn’t going to go through the rest of my life with this debilitating issue.”

Patricia called us the following day and was booked in to have her planning appointment followed by the surgical procedure the next week, with full upper and lower jaws being treated in the same day.

”The surgery day arrived and I was quite nervous. The team at Evodental couldn’t have been more helpful and I felt a lot better. This, I believe, comes from them having done so many of these treatments so regularly. Cool, calm and confident. Surgery for both jaws lasted about 3 to 3.5 hours. I was awake but didn’t feel anything during the procedure. I was put in my own suite where I rested as my bridges were made in the on-site lab. As the anaesthetic wore off, I felt sore but certainly no trauma to speak of. At 6.30 that evening I had my teeth fitted and immediately felt the difference. There was no palate, and my teeth felt very stable. That night, I was told to eat, pretty much everything that I could cut with a fork. The following day, I was slightly swollen and bruised but was told this would be the case and it would all subside.

A few weeks later I had my follow-up inspection, at which I was told that everything was healing fine. I had no particular issues to speak of other than getting used to not putting my hands in my mouth to remove my teeth. It was a revelation. Dentures made me feel like I wasn’t human, and I would recommend anyone looking to replace their dentures to consider Evodental. It changed my life.”

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Ann, age 54

Ann first came to see us in February 2014 after struggling for over 20 years with dentures.

“I seemed to constantly have sore gums as my dentures never fitted properly despite using adhesives and experimenting with the amount that I used. Meals were often a problem, which took away the enjoyment of eating out. I know in the grand scheme of things some people may say it’s only teeth, but it had become a big problem to me.”

Ann came to see us for a consultation and decided to go ahead with full dental implants and the Evo 1-Day Smile.

“Whilst it was expensive, my husband rightly pointed out that if it was one of our three children that needed treatment, I would have insisted that they got it. Sometimes, as a mum, it’s difficult to justify spending money on yourself. However, as I work front line with the public, I knew this procedure would be life changing.”

On the day of the procedure, Ann was naturally apprehensive and became very emotional before her treatment. We performed the Evo 1-Day Smile procedure under local anaesthetic and, by 5 o’clock that afternoon, Ann had her new set of fixed teeth.

“I was over the moon after having the surgery. This has been life changing for me; people notice that there is something different but they are unsure of what it is. (I kept very secret the fact that I wore dentures.) It is amazing not to have to take my teeth out to wash them. There are no more mouth blisters or ulcers and I can eat what I want, knowing my teeth won’t move about or worse, come out in front of others. Apart from the cosmetic side, which is fantastic, I also feel physically well and free from the migraines and pain I had begun to suffer from.

I hold the Evodental team in high esteem, and with the same regard I have for the orthopaedic surgeon who operated on my sons’ leg when he was two, enabling him to walk and play football. I wish I had gone ahead with implants years ago. But I am someone who needs to have belief in the person treating me, and it was only when I went to Evodental for my consultation that I found that confidence.”

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Fred, age 80

Before and after photos of Fred

”I am an 80-year old disabled veteran and have been a widower for twenty-five years. My dental history starts from when I was a young soldier in the early fifties. I had to visit an army dentist for a check-up and two fillings. The dentist injected a local anaesthetic and filled the teeth but it was extremely painful as the anaesthetic had not taken effect.”

Fred’s bad experience with dentistry meant that, for a long time, he chose to have teeth extracted rather than filled and, over the years, his number of remaining teeth became fewer and fewer. He eventually ended up with three teeth at the top and six at the bottom.

”The bottom six fitted nicely in between the top three - not very clever for chewing. I did not have much of a social life, due in part to the appearance of my mouth when I smiled, which occurred less and less often. I had dentures for some time but could not get on with them, so I stopped wearing them.

This of course made the situation worse. I love my food and was struggling to eat. Then, one day, I saw an advertisement in a newspaper for dental implants carried out in Hungary at a much reduced price when compared to the UK.

This would mean a lot of toing and froing plus hotel bills and travel costs. I also did not have any idea of the standards that dentists work to in Hungary. I then made enquiries and discovered Evodental in Liverpool. They were not cheap and were three hours away from where I lived, but I could not find anywhere more local that was cheaper. I, therefore, contacted Evodental and arranged for a free assessment to see if I was suitable for their Evo 1-Day Smile treatment.”

Fred came to see us and decided to go ahead with the Evo 1-Day Smile procedure. His remaining teeth were removed and a full set of implants fitted on the same day. The surgery was all carried out under local anaesthetic and Fred was impressed at how completely painless it was.

”The great thing is that it is entirely pain free and you have 24 new teeth on the same day as the extraction of the old ones. The only discomfort is that the jawbones ache for two days afterwards. Having completed the process, I wish that I had done so very much earlier. The staff were all very helpful, courteous and efficient. The dentistry was carried out extremely well and professionally and the dental team was very experienced and capable. I would recommend this procedure and company to anybody with dental problems. It also does not matter how old you are!”

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Leonard, age 68

Before and after photos of Leonard

“I used to live and work in the USA where business deals are done with a smile. About 25 years ago my health started to suffer and so did my teeth. Even after extensive dental treatment, there seemed no improvement, just moving on to the next problem. My usual optimism and vigour started to disappear along with my teeth. My glass was very much half empty and draining fast.

When I discovered Evodental, after extensive search on the internet, it seemed at last I was moving forward. The consultation was free and I was assured that they would only issue a treatment plan if they were sure the outcome would be positive. I was delighted to find that the Evo 1-Day Smile procedure was appropriate and, after overcoming some initial apprehension, booked to go ahead. In truth, the surgery was straightforward and not at all what I had envisaged. The implants were fitted in one hour in the morning and a beautiful new fixed smile later that afternoon.

It’s great to be me again. My smile is back and so is my optimism for life. Also, chewing properly has had a positive impact on my wellbeing. My only regret is I wish I had done it sooner!”

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Ian, age 59

“If you are reading this you are probably in the same place I was just about three years ago, with a mouth consisting of a few remaining rotting teeth along with an ill-fitting partial denture, which over the years has become, due to teeth being added to it and gums receding, gradually worse and worse. You will also like me be embarrassed to smile, always choosing the safe, soft option in a restaurant, and reluctant to engage in conversation as you feel people are constantly looking at your teeth.

You are probably right now on the internet googling ‘implantology’, ‘all-on-four’, ‘dental implants’ etc. You are also quite probably and for whatever reason, again like me, petrified of the dental profession. As you visit each website you are wondering will I be suitable, could I, should I, and end up with ‘no, not now’ or ‘not for me’.

If you can relate to any or all of the above then please read my story.

I am 59 years old, an Airline Captain flying the ‘big jets’ in the Middle East. I am born and bred in Liverpool but Cheshire is now my home base.

I have never had good teeth, partly down to my morbid fear of dentists along with sugar-laden drinks, a sweet tooth and yes I have to admit poor dental hygiene. About three years ago I started looking into having implants and, knowing nothing about the procedure, I searched the internet and came up with something called ‘all on four’, which appeared to be the perfect solution. However, the various websites I found offering this procedure ended with two of the most off-putting words I could imagine ‘IF SUITABLE’. This to me meant that I would not be a suitable candidate. Also, no mention was made of how painful the procedure would be, whether a very fearful patient could tolerate it, and if any measures would be taken to reduce the fear factor.”

Ian persisted with the status quo for another 2 years, despite frequently returning to his internet searches, until the day one of the failing teeth which secured his partial denture broke away. He was left with an unsecured denture, broken teeth and numerous unsightly gaps. This gave him the push to overcome his fears and have some dental treatment done. Reviewing his shortlisted websites, Ian chose Evodental.

“Why did I choose Evodental? The website gave me a positive feel, being informative without being patronizing and most of all it took me through the procedure before, during and after to the point where this most fearful of patients felt confident enough to make an initial phone call.”

Following that phone call, Ian arranged his initial consultation and after x-rays and a scan, was given his treatment plan to fit fixed teeth in one day. Perhaps, more importantly for Ian, he was reassured by the fact that his fear could be easily alleviated by sedation.

“All of this was explained to me in great detail and with an unbelievable amount of patience by Dr. Vijay, who pointed out to me that all cases are treatable – it’s just a matter of which is the best way for the individual.”

On the day of his procedure, Ian was introduced to the team and everything was explained again in detail. Ian was understandably anxious about the surgery but, after the anaesthetist started work, he says, "I had no pain and not even any feeling of discomfort, just a sense of awkwardness at having a mouth full of teeth again. The day was undeniably a long one but I remember only two things; watching TV whilst eating ice cream, and being shown my new fixed teeth in the mirror at the end of the day.

The next few days were also pretty much a non-event; no pain, minor swelling limited to a 24-hour period, and an inability to pronounce the letter ‘S’ which lasted for no more than 3 or 4 days. Eating for the first couple of days consisted of scrambled eggs and the like before getting back to normal over the next 10 days. Within a month I was no longer looking for the soft options on the menu.

It is now 6 months since the procedure and I cannot believe the change. I am now the first to smile for the camera, order whatever I want in restaurants, and engage in conversation at the drop of a hat without any fear of embarrassment. Best of all, I clean my teeth just like anyone else! All in all, my self-confidence has been restored. I am no longer embarrassed to open my mouth and I am far more outgoing than I have been for a very long time.

All of this was achieved in one day, unbelievable but true. My fifty years of being terrified of dentists is a thing of the past thanks wholly to Evodental, Dr. Vijay, his team and their patience. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to the Evodental team both for my new look and for overcoming my fears. As I said at the start, if you are in the same place that I was, I strongly advise you to find the courage to make the first and most difficult step. Pick up the phone, make the call and change your life for the better. You will not regret it.”

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Robert, age 67

Robert had looked after his teeth, despite a poor start with 1950s dentistry. However, one by one, his teeth had started to fall out. He had wrestled with a denture but found it uncomfortable and depressing, and he was getting distressed about the state of his teeth.

“I decided to explore the implant option with a mixture of hope and trepidation. I consulted three implant specialists before meeting Dr Vijay at Evodental. No contest! What he recommended seemed sensible, highly professional and left me feeling very optimistic. To my relief, his charges were both clearly spelled out and very reasonable”.

Robert arrived at the centre in the morning of his treatment and left in the afternoon with a new smile.

“The work seems of the highest quality and the company’s philosophy is clear – putting the patient’s interest first and achieving the very best technical result for the patient’s individual circumstances.

Evodental seems to me to be at the cutting edge of implant work. All the staff at Evodental are friendly and helpful, a great team. If anyone is considering implant work I can’t recommend Evodental highly enough to them. A big thank you.”

Lawrence, age 59

Lawrence had suffered with sensitive teeth for the last 20 years due to a loss of gum tissue. This eventually led to his teeth becoming loose and very uncomfortable whilst eating and drinking.

“After losing some of my back teeth it was time to make a decision. Fortunately, I was introduced to Evodental by a friend who had had a full upper jaw implant procedure.”

Lawrence came for an initial assessment and was pleased to learn that we would be able to resolve his problem.

“Dr Vijay made me feel very positive about what was involved and I didn’t feel pressurised into making any rash decisions. The extent of the treatment would be my choice. I am quite a positive and realistic person, but when reality sinks in, it’s a worrying thought to have all of your teeth removed to be replaced by permanent implanted teeth. So, after a few months of thinking it over I finally took the plunge.”

Lawrence decided to have both upper and lower jaw procedures completed in one session with the Evo 1-Day Smile.

“My wife and I arrived on a Thursday afternoon and, after my consultation which included x-rays, photos and casts of my existing teeth, we retired to a nearby hotel. The following morning, we booked into the clinic at 9.30am for the work to begin. After the procedure, I was taken to a comfortable private room where I was looked after by a very professional team. They kept me comfortable, with regular checks and pain relief when required. My new teeth were made by the in-house Evodental technical team and fitted later that day. My wife and I then returned to the hotel. I did have a bit of discomfort that night, but the following morning I managed to eat a full English breakfast and felt fine.”

Lawrence came in for a final check the following morning and, after receiving his medication of antibiotics and painkillers, he travelled home. He later returned to the centre to be fitted with his new set of permanent teeth.

“Now my teeth are in place, they look like my own teeth but much much better. They are completely natural looking, but most importantly, no pain. When you buy a new car or TV you have the option of taking it back if it is unsuitable. But when you let someone take your teeth out and they say everything will be OK, it’s a different matter completely. There is no turning back, and that’s a big decision! I definitely made the right choice and would like to say a big thank you to Evodental for a first class professional job by a first class winning team. I can honestly say it’s the best investment I have ever made.”

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Leigh Falconer

From day one everyone at Evodental helped to try and make me feel comfortable and relaxed. There was no pressure during the free consultation to make a final decision I was asked to go home, consider everything we had discussed and let them know my decision when I was ready. My new teeth are fantastic, I can now smile without hiding my mouth. First class treatment, from a first class team!

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Excellent service all staff are lovely very professional 👍🏻

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