Robert Beazer, age 61, Cardiff

Video transcript

The state of my teeth had made me become uncomfortable and lacking in confidence. Every day gatherings with my family and friends, social meetings, made me feel uncomfortable because of the gaps that I had in my teeth. And I needed to get something done. I had had regular check-ups with my normal dentist, but what they did were only the basic work required to keep everybody happy. I was not receiving the correct advice from the dentist as I received from the first day I came up here and saw Dr. Vijay.

I found that when I was eating, because of the gaps in my teeth, my brain was telling me to eat in certain parts of my mouth where the various teeth were. And this was causing, again, another problem, making the existing gums that I had weaker and even worse than what they originally were. It came to a stage where I really had to do something about this.

I found that probably the most embarrassing thing of all about my existing teeth were, that the gaps were preventing me from being the normal person that I’d like to be, being able to smile a lot and have fun. Knowing that these gaps were in my teeth, it made me very conscious, self-conscious, of what I looked like, and prevented me from being the true person that I really was.

The situation with my teeth had become quite the negative effect on my life because of the points that I’ve said. Having the inability to smile and be conscious of the gaps in my teeth, that were stopping me from being the true person that I really wanted to be, quite an outgoing, happy person.

I’d been considering dental implants for many years, many years. I had been to local dentists in Cardiff and Bristol. My wife and I had even discussed going abroad to several overseas companies. I had done my research, and it had taken several years before I really plucked up the courage to make one phone call. That phone call to Evodental was the start of the change of my life. Because I had had consultations with various dentists, as I’ve said, Cardiff, Bristol, on the telephone with the companies abroad.

But from my very first visit with Dr. Vijay, his initial five minutes of putting of me at ease, explaining fully what the problems that I had, and how we were going to get over this, and that the final product would be of great benefit to myself. And after that five minute consultation with Dr. Vijay, I really knew 100% that he was the man that I was going to entrust with the work that I wanted done on my teeth.

A telephone conversation then with the receptionist at Evodental, Kaylee, she put me at ease. She explained fully what would be happening on the 1-Day Smile system, which is what I was hoping I could have. When I made the reservation, it was only within weeks that my appointment was made. My wife and I traveled up to Liverpool for the first time, and had my conversation and assessment with Dr. Vijay.

I have to say that after that initial consultation with Dr. Vijay, his knowledge, his expertise, and his experience completely proved to me that he was the right man to do the work that I wanted to be done. He knew everything that I needed to know. He fully explained it in detail, and advised me of the best solution that was required for me to better myself, and to improve my teeth as they were today.

On the morning of the surgery, I came to the reception, was met by the nurse, was put at ease, felt really comfortable, confident. I had absolutely no worries at all about what was going to happen that day. The nurse consistently kept checking on me to see if everything was okay. I saw Dr. Vijay. He went through the procedures fully again, told me what we were going to be doing, and how it was going as the procedures went along.

I was in the chair for the treatment, I’d say, for about two hours, but I did have quite a lot of extractions to be done. The extra implants that Dr. Vijay recommended, because I’m a heavy biter and I like my food, so he wanted to make sure that the system going in was the right system, the best system, and the system that was better for me. I can assure you, it really was.

After surgery, I did feel a little sore, but not too bad. The nurse was checking on me regularly. I had several hours to relax in the waiting room. And no real discomfort, other than more relief. Relief that I’d made the start, I’d taken the opportunity of getting my teeth fixed and put correctly, which had been too long in waiting for.

On the same day, with the same day smile system, Dr. Vijay fitted the temporary bridge at the end of the day. Straight away, I couldn’t help but smile, because my temporary bridge was far, far better than I ever expected it to be. Everyone have commented on how younger I look, how my facial well-being is standing out more than it was before. And it looks as if it’s taken years off my life.

After the bridge was fitted, it was a little bit uncomfortable, but that was understandable. It was a foreign body that was set in my mouth. But I soon got used to it. And it’s only four to five weeks from today since I had the temporary bridge fitted. And I’m getting used to it every day, finding it okay.

Since receiving the temporary bridge and treatment from Dr. Vijay and the Evodental team, I now feel far more confident than I was before I came here. I have the confidence to smile a lot more. When I’m in the company of my friends or my family, I feel far better in myself, in the knowledge that I don’t have to worry about any gaps in my teeth or any problems that might be seen.

I’m now beginning to eat a lot better than before, and more properly, because my previous teeth were restricting me in how I was eating. That was because I only had certain teeth in my mouth, and had to utilize what I had to eat the food. However, even now with my temporary bridge fitted, I’m eating better. I’m having no trouble at all in my food, from steaks to Chinese food, Indian food, any food, I’m finding it all okay.

I now find myself smiling a lot more than I did before. But that was because, as I’ve stated, the gaps in my teeth did prevent me from putting a full smile on because I was concerned about the gaps. And you do become self-conscious of these facts. But having had my temporary work done, and looking forward to my final work, I couldn’t be more pleased.

If I was to say to anybody today, if you were considering having treatment by Evodental and Dr. Vijay, I would say, “Please take advantage of the free consultation that you will get.” Dr. Vijay will give you an honest appraisal. He will tell you, like he did to me, what I needed, what treatment was required, and how it was going to benefit me. And I’m sure you will not be disappointed, because I certainly am not.