At Evodental, we can give you back the natural smile you once had. The Evolution Full Jaw Implant Solution by Evodental is the most technologically advanced technique available for replacing a full arch of missing teeth and is a vastly superior alternative to dentures.

With our same day Evo 1-Day Smile treatment, you will receive an unrivalled, custom-made, temporary PMMA bridge of new teeth across the full jaw on the same day that the specially-designed titanium dental implants are placed. This means you can be enjoying new teeth and a new smile in just one visit. Your final custom-made, cobalt chrome reinforced PMMA bridge will be fitted two weeks later.

With your new teeth in place, you will have 90-95% chewing ability restored and will be able to eat as normal and enjoy the foods you love with confidence. Find out more about the Evo 1-Day Smile or the Evo 3-Day Smile.

(Please note: Our clinical cases MUST require at least one full jaw correcting with implants and fixed teeth. We do not treat cases requiring single implants or multiple implants around existing teeth.)

Start your journey with a free, no-obligation clinical consultation at one of our supercentres in London or the North West. Your consultation will include a 3D image scan and personalised treatment plan.

The Evolution Solution

The Evolution Solution versus All-on-4®

The traditional All-on-4® or ‘Teeth in a Day’ procedure places four implants into the jaw bone to support a bridge of 10 to 12 teeth, and is widely offered as a full jaw replacement solution. This 10-year old ‘delayed loading’ technique requires a healing time of several months before the implants are ready to be ‘loaded’ on top with a final bridge of teeth which has a stronger metal sub-frame. A temporary denture is worn during this extensive healing period.

We offer this procedure if it is clinically preferable, but it would only be suitable for our patients who have very bad bone quality and quantity and need a longer period of healing. (It is appropriate for less than 0.5 percent of our cases.)

We have advanced the All-on-4® to create our superior and innovative Evolution Solution. We place the necessary number of implants for the best treatment outcome, whether this means 4, 5, or 6 implants per jaw. We use state-of-the-art 3D digital planning to determine the optimal implant positions and carry out each procedure ‘virtually’ before any surgery takes place.

Instead of ‘delayed loading’, our technique enables the immediate loading of a specially engineered and fully-customised prosthesis on specially designed titanium implants – so there’s no need to wait months for a final fixed bridge. We can create a new smile in as little as one visit.

The Evolution Solution technique takes advantage of existing bone, even if scarce, avoiding the need for bone grafts. It also allows for the placement of two implants in the pterygoid bone right at the back of the upper jaw. This is an area routinely avoided in other treatment solutions. However, our research has shown that these implants remove cantilever pressure across the whole bridge and allow better load distribution over all the implants. It also enables us to fit a prosthesis which contains an additional two teeth, so the patient will not see any gaps at the back of their mouth.

21st century medical manufacturing technology, the latest and best biomaterials, the most up-to-date clinical techniques, and ongoing research and development are at the heart of what we do at Evodental. Our continuing work is leading to ever better techniques and treatment solutions to the benefit of all our patients. Read more about Our Technology.

The Evodental Annual Screening & Maintenance Service

As part of our ongoing care, we offer an annual maintenance programme. This requires a 1-2 hour session every 12 months at one of our centres. The service is ONLY for patients who have had either one or both jaws fully rehabilitated with implants. The cost for a single jaw prosthesis screening and maintenance session is £150, or £200 for both jaws.

As part of the screening, the clinical team will perform any or all of the following: Remove the prosthesis for cleaning and evaluation in the laboratory (at the discretion of the clinician); check the health of the intraoral soft tissues to ensure they are healthy; check the implants are stable; take any necessary control x-rays to evaluate bone health; clean the implant interfaces with an air polisher (a very gentle process but may sometimes require some local anaesthesia); descale any remaining natural teeth if we feel it is needed to maintain oral health; smooth any rough surfaces on remaining teeth to protect the opposing prosthesis; refit the prosthesis and close the screw access points.

The technical team will: Clean the prosthesis with ultrasonics; examine the prosthesis under magnification for signs of cracks or flaws; record the wear on the prosthetic teeth; debride and repolish to a high finish; and change any or all fixing screws as necessary.