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Evo 1-Day Smile

Wearing full dentures is a source of great embarrassment and discomfort for tens of millions of people worldwide, and we believe that you shouldn’t have to put up with dentures for a moment longer than necessary.

We have developed the innovative Evo 1-Day Smile technique to allow implants to be placed and beautiful new teeth fitted all on the same day. The immediate-loading technique uses implants specially designed for this purpose and the whole procedure is done under one roof, by one team in one day.

The Evo 1-Day Smile is the pinnacle of bio-engineering and pushes the boundaries of full jaw dental implants in the 21st century.

The Evolution Solution

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All-on-4® treatment Evo 6™
Current technology (over 10 years old) Latest, most advanced technology
4 implants placed per jaw 4, 5 or 6 implants placed per jaw, depending on individual clinical case ie. the necessary number of implants for best treatment outcome.
Can require bone grafting and sinus lifts, with minimum
6-9 months of waiting and healing time.
Takes advantage of existing bone, even if scarce, avoiding need for bone grafts or sinus lifts. Also allows for placement of 2 implants in pterygoid bone at the back of the upper jaw meaning more stable, predictable long-term results.
Delayed loading of 6+ months, during which time a temporary converted denture (no metal bar) is worn. Immediate loading with temporary custom-made PMMA bridge fitted on same day as implants are placed. No converted denture worn.

New teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth straight away.
Final fixed metal bridge fitted after several months.
Can wait up to 2 years.
Permanently secured, strong and stable custom-made reinforced cobalt chrome PMMA bridge fitted after 2 weeks. No uncomfortable palate or converted denture at any stage.
Single jaw £15,000 - £20,000 Single jaw £12,000

What to expect

Before any patient undergoes treatment at Evodental, they need to fully understand the procedure and what happens at each stage of their journey with us.

When you arrive for your Evo 1-Day Smile treatment appointment, you will already have attended the centre for both your free initial consultation and your record taking appointment. Detailed clinical and technical planning beforehand is a must with our ‘3D Scan and Plan Pathway’, hence these appointments are a mandatory part of your journey with us. They enable us to gather all the information we need to plan and carry out your procedure in advance, using our 3D software.

On your Evo 1-Day Smile treatment day, you will undergo the surgical procedure in the morning under local anaesthetic (lasting approximately 1 hour) and your new temporary teeth will be fitted in the afternoon (approximately 4-6 hours later). Our on-site Evolab3D expert craftsmen and state-of-the-art technology, means we can ensure optimum quality and the best looking Evolution Solution. You can then return home with your new teeth and new smile.

Two-weeks later, you will be invited back to the centre for your final fitting appointment, and the temporary PMMA prosthesis will be replaced with a bespoke and refined cobalt chrome PMMA bridge.

We are committed to outstanding levels of service and clinical care, and have pain management procedures in place to ensure a worry-free experience with us. You’ll also have a dedicated Client Coordinator to guide you through the procedure from start to finish, and our experienced team of practitioners, nurses and technicians will work together to provide you with a dental solution for life.

Your step-by-step Evo 1-Day Smile journey

1 Initial consultation appointment (FREE, with no-obligation)

Your journey with us begins here.

You’ll meet your dedicated Client Coordinator who will be with you through the entire process. You’ll then be introduced to your dental implant clinician who will carry out the clinical assessment. The clinical assessment is mandatory for all patients as it enables us to assess your medical and dental suitability for implants and for you to find out more about us and the treatment. You’ll be able to ask any questions you have.

As part of the clinical assessment, we may take a 2D (OPG) or a 3D (CBCT) scan of your mouth. This service is included as part of our free, no-obligation consultation process.

Based on our analysis, we will put together a comprehensive treatment plan and discuss this thoroughly with you. You will also be given a copy to take home and look over in detail.

You will also receive a quotation of the actual cost of your proposed treatment, and be able to discuss finance options.

2 Record taking appointment

If you decide to proceed with treatment, we will schedule a record taking appointment for you. This appointment takes approximately 1 hour. You dental practitioner will take initial dental impressions of your teeth and a bite record. You, together with your clinical and technical team will decide on the size, shape and colour of your new teeth.

We will then arrange your Evo 1-Day Smile treatment appointment.

3 Evo 1-Day Smile appointment

This is the big day when you receive your brand new teeth and new smile! All our work is completed in the same day. A typical day would be as follows:

You arrive at the centre and, after settling in, are given your necessary pre-operative medication by a member of the clinical team.

You are taken into surgery and your clinical team carries out all surgical work, including all necessary teeth extractions and placement of the implants. The procedure involves placing anatomy specific geometry implants in the jawbone using keyhole surgery principles. The implants are placed at specific pre-determined angles and fixed in place. Detailed impressions are then taken and sent to our on-site laboratory. The surgery takes approximately 1 hour for each jaw and is carried out under local anaesthetic. After the surgery, you return to your private waiting suite to rest whilst your new smile is constructed in our laboratory.

Your new smile is now ready and is fitted as a custom-made temporary PMMA bridge. The bite is checked and, once everything is satisfactory, you are free to return home with your new teeth in place and enjoy a rest and evening meal. You will be given full post-operative instructions and medication.

4 2-week final fitting appointment

After 2 weeks, it is time to visit us again to be fitted with your final stronger and permanent teeth; this is your custom-made reinforced cobalt chrome PMMA bridge.

5 20-24 week review appointment & final sign off

There will be a recovery period following your dental implant procedure. Approximately 20-24 weeks later, we will see you again for a check-up to make sure that everything is healing properly. We will carry out any tweaks and relining of fit. Any post op check-ups are at no additional cost.

6 Annual screening and maintenance appointment

Your aftercare is very important to us and we recommend that you visit us annually for us to check how your implants are doing and that your new teeth are also performing well.

We take this opportunity to carry out a thorough oral screening; checking the health of the implant, the surrounding bone and gums, and the state of your dental prosthesis (to detect any signs of wear and tear). The service includes the removal of your bridge which undergoes microscopic analysis in our on-site lab, a full ultrasonic clean and polish of your teeth to return them to their original finish, and brand new connecting screws fitted where necessary. This will ensure a continued excellent fit and a “good as new” feel. There is a fee for the annual screening and maintenance service.

The Evolution Solution

Cobalt chrome PMMA bridge

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of patients who have been told they are not suitable for traditional full jaw dental implant options ARE SUITABLE for The Evolution Solution. Find out if it might be right for you!

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Leigh Falconer

From day one everyone at Evodental helped to try and make me feel comfortable and relaxed. There was no pressure during the free consultation to make a final decision I was asked to go home, consider everything we had discussed and let them know my decision when I was ready. My new teeth are fantastic, I can now smile without hiding my mouth. First class treatment, from a first class team!

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Katie Harrison

Excellent service all staff are lovely very professional 👍🏻

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