Welcome to Evodental

Evodental is essentially about dental implant therapies. Dental implants are accepted as the clinical gold standard for the replacement of lost or failing teeth. Decades of research and extraordinarily high success rates have endowed the science of implant dentistry with an excellent reputation.

Unlike most dental practices, our focus is purely on treatments that involve implants as part or all of the oral rehabilitation process. Our expert team of clinicians, technicians and auxiliaries are very experienced in all aspects of dental implant therapy. Everything to do with dental implants, from a single tooth replacement to complete prosthetic reconstruction where a patient has no teeth (or jawbone for that matter) is carried out at Evodental centres.

21st century medical manufacturing technology, the latest and best biomaterials, the most up-to-date clinical techniques, and ongoing research and development are at the heart of Evodental.

What makes us different?

Whilst many dental practices offer dental implants, we only perform treatments that require dental implants as part or all of the patient's rehabilitation needs. We have invested heavily in our in-house state-of-the-art dental laboratory so that we have the most up-to-date technology available to create implant prosthetics. We also use market-leading 3D technology in the treatment planning and preparation stages to ensure the very best outcome for our patients. What's more, our Evo 1-Day Smile procedure (our evolution of the 'All-On-4' implant procedure) allows the rehabilitation of an entire jaw (or jaws) with implants and fixed teeth within a single day.

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