Welcome to Evodental

We are a total jaw rehabilitation centre, providing dental implant-based treatment solutions for patients who require full jaw oral reconstructions. Our expert team has completed over 3000 full arch reconstructions.

Our patients repeatedly tell us how their dentures or missing teeth mean they struggle to eat certain foods, they lack the confidence to smile, or are reluctant to go out in public for fear of being judged by the appearance of their teeth. They subsequently tell us that our treatment has helped to transform their lives.

The evolution of dental implant technology has rendered dentures virtually obsolete. In the 50 years of modern dental implantology, research and technology have allowed us to push the envelope of what is possible to dizzying new heights. We are able to treat over 99 per cent of people who come to us, even if they have been told by their dentist that nothing more can be done or they don’t have enough bone.

So, if you’re fed up with wearing dentures or embarrassed by your teeth, the best way to see if you would be suitable for full jaw dental implant treatment is to visit us for a FREE no-obligation consultation. Using the latest cone beam CT imaging technology, one of our dental implant practitioners will show you the exact nature and scale of your dental problems and prepare a treatment solution to give you back your smile.

21st century medical manufacturing technology, the latest and best biomaterials, the most up-to-date clinical techniques, and ongoing research and development are at the heart of Evodental.

Contact us today on 0151 329 2010 to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation.