Are you avoiding social situations? Restricted with the foods you eat or feeling embarrassed about ill-fitting dentures? Then you’re not alone – but the good news is that here at EvoDental, we specialise in denture alternatives that can transform your smile for the long-term. 

Should you be considering an alternative to dentures? 

Dentures have been a go-to solution for a range of issues for many years. Everything from rotting teeth to complete tooth loss can lead to a denture being fitted, but for most people, these temporary solutions are uncomfortable, impractical and often feel unnatural in the mouth. 

If like so many others, you find yourself shying away from friends and family because you’re embarrassed about your dentures, it may be time to think about a more permanent solution, and our range of denture alternatives could be just the pick-me-up you need.

Life Changing Denture Alternatives

Dental implants are one of the most popular alternatives to dentures in modern dentistry. Not only are they permanent but they can also be made to look, feel and perform just like natural teeth would. 

Made from titanium fixtures, dental implants such as those we specialise in at EvoDental are fixed into a dental bridge for a smile that looks fantastic for the long-term. The benefits of dental implants as an alternative to dentures are plentiful, and include:

  • A more natural look and feel
  • A permanent fixture
  • Durable
  • Can often be fitted in one day
  • Can prevent further bone loss
  • Support facial structure
  • Cost-effective
  • Freedom to eat whatever you like

The benefits speak for themselves here, so if you’re tired of your dentures, or have been told dentures are the best solution for you, why not get in touch with our team of experts who would be happy to discuss your specific needs. Our EvoSolutions are affordable and there are also a range of finance options available, so what are you waiting for? Your dream smile is waiting.

How do you fix missing teeth without dentures?
All of our patients suffer from severe gum disease, and in the vast majority of cases they have been advised by other dentists that dentures are the only solution available to them.
However, our specialist EvoSolution technique means that there are alternatives available. We have helped thousands of individuals suffering from severe tooth loss, in many cases there are no natural teeth left at all, but we have still been able to fit them with bespoke full jaw dental implants made right here in our lab.
So, if you’re suffering from severe gum disease but don’t want to opt for dentures, there is an alternative. Contact us to book in for your free consultation and to find out whether our EvoSolution is right for you.
Do denture alternatives hurt?
We understand that the idea of having a full set of new teeth fitted may be quite daunting, but our innovative technique means you can be made comfortable whilst undergoing this treatment.
Our EvoSolution is unique because it almost never requires any bone grafting – that’s because we only need a very small amount of bone to offer full jaw correction. On top of this, we offer total pain management, providing local anaesthetic for the entire procedure so that you can be comfortable throughout. For patients who are particularly anxious or nervous, we can also offer sedation. The sedations options include:

  • Oral sedation – This is medication dissolved in water taken before and during the procedure. This can be used in addition to local (needle in gum) anaesthetic.
  • Intravenous sedation (IV) – This is via a needle in the arm, again this is an addition to local (needle in gum) anaesthetic.

Like with any dental procedure, there is likely to be some swelling and tenderness after the treatment, however this is completely normal and should go after a couple of days.

Are denture alternatives expensive?
The great thing about our EvoSolution is that it has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals who felt they had no confidence at all before coming to us. That’s through our choice of the best materials and our unique and innovative approach to denture alternatives in our full jaw implants.
We’re proud to say we offer some of the most competitive prices for this type of treatment across the industry, with prices starting from £11,000 per jaw. However, we also believe that everyone should be able to have a smile they love, which is why we’re dedicated to being as accessible as possible, offering a range of finance options for you to choose from.
We don’t use our resources on any other area of dentistry, instead focusing on the EvoSolution techniques that we have developed in-house and that are entirely unique to us, ensuring that the process of creating your new smile is both stress-free and cost-effective.