Clear, transparent pricing with no hidden extras

We don’t use our resources on any other area of dentistry, our unique techniques and processes ensure we can make The EvoSolution as cost effective as possible. The EvoSolution techniques that we have developed are unique to us, ensuring that the process of creating your new smile is both stress-free and cost-effective. As such, we’re proud to say we offer some of the most competitive prices for this type of treatment across the industry.

Although we are highly specialised at what we do – because it’s all that we do – we aim to keep our dental implant costs reasonable and achievable. We will never “bulk up” the bill with unnecessary procedures, always ensuring that you get the very most for your investment. For instance, we will never fit temporary dentures, and you will always leave with fixed teeth on the day. Additionally, we hardly ever have to perform bone grafting, so what you’re paying for is the high-quality Southern implants and our expertise, nothing more.

  1. EvoEssential™

    £9,900 Lower Jaw
    £9,900 Upper Jaw
    £19,000 Both Jaws

  2. EvoAdvanced™

    £11,500 Lower Jaw
    £12,500 Upper Jaw
    £22,000 Both Jaws

  3. EvoUltimate™

    £15,500 Lower Jaw
    £16,500 Upper Jaw
    £26,000 Both Jaws


At EvoDental, we don’t believe that money should determine how confident you feel when you smile and eat, which is why we aim to offer competitive prices across our range of products, as well as a host of finance options too. We appreciate that smile in a day dental implant prices can be substantial, especially if you’re looking for a full mouth of implants. However, when you opt for an Evo smile, you’re guaranteeing yourself the very best results. And with our biological and mechanical warranty being provided as standard, you can rest assured that your investment will last you for many years to come.

We offer finance with Tabeo, and if you are interested you can use the calculator in the button below to see some examples of our monthly repayment options. If you would like to discuss dental implant prices or one of our options, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Lower Jaw£9,900£11,500£15,500
Upper Jaw£9,900£12,500£16,500
Both Jaws£19,000£22,000£26,000
Upper Teeth101212
Lower Teeth1010/12*10/12*
Tooth Shades466**
MaterialBio polymer super-structure with titanium sub-structureBio polymer super-structure with titanium sub-structureCharacterised Zirconia super-structure, titanium sub-structure
Implants Southern Implants
4 Per Jaw
Pre-maxilla and pre-mandible implants only
Southern Implants
4/6 Per Jaw
Pterygoid implants possible, anatomy-dependent
Southern Implants
4/6 Per Jaw
Pterygoid implants possible, anatomy-dependent
Prosthetic refinements stages122-3
Fixed Teeth In One DayYesYesYes
Individual characterisationNot availableNot availableYes
Warranty2 years3 years3 years

*Anatomy dependent
**Individual characterisation

Additional Cost for Complex Cases

We are committed to keeping our pricing transparent and clear with no hidden extras, while 95% of our patients treatment falls within our standard pricing, we do however see a small amount of patients – just 5% – who have complex cases that require advanced procedures that do carry an additional cost. Cases that include the need for extensive bone grafting, Zygomatic implants, or staged treatment where multiple surgeries are required, may need our additional £5,000 supplementary package added to the standard pricing.

This additional supplementary package covers the cost of:

  1. Cases requiring more advanced procedures including staged bone grafting
  2. Staged treatment plans where multiple surgeries are required (e.g. delayed load implants where the implants are done but teeth are not made the same day, but 4 months or so later after a second surgery is done to expose the implants)
  3. Zygomatic implants (irrespective of how many)
  4. IV sedation

Patients possibility of needing this supplementary package cost will be discussed at the full clinical assessment.

Optional Additional Costs


For patients who are anxious or nervous we offer two types of sedation. Both these options allow the patient to be awake and able to communicate with the clinicians. The EvoSolutionTM is a precise and exacting process, where patient cooperation is essential for optimal precision implant placement, bite record taking and the prosthesis placement.

Both sedation options create a amnesic effect where the patient may experience a partial or total loss of the procedure, even though they are awake and able to communicate.

  • Oral Sedation – This medication comes as a tablet and is taken with water before the procedure. This is used in addition to local (needle in gum) anaesthetic. Oral sedation is included in the standard cost.
  • Intravenous Sedation (IV) – This medication is taken via a needle in the arm or hand, again this is in an addition to local (needle in gum) anaesthetic. This is included in the standard cost for EvoUltimate and EvoAdvanced, but with EvoEssential there is an additional cost of:
    • One jaw £500
    • Both jaws £1000
    • Specialist Sedation £2000

Non-attendance and rescheduling

Non-attendance and rescheduling of free consultations

Our consultations are free of cost and consist of a full clinical assessment (FCA) with one of our Clinicians. So that valuable clinical time isn’t wasted and so that each appointment can be used by someone who needs our treatment we do ask that you let us know with more than 24 hours notice if you can’t attend your free consultation.

  • If you need to re-arrange your free consultation and let us know with more than 48 hours we will be happy to arrange this for you.
  • If you do not attend your free consultation, and want to reschedule or cancel the appointment for various reasons, then a £450 refundable deposit will be required to secure a second appointment.

Non-attendance and rescheduling of post-surgery appointments

After surgery it is obviously very important that follow up appointments are attended to check that your healing and prosthetics function. Please let us know with more than 24 hours notice if you can’t attend or need to reschedule one of your post- surgery appointments.

  • If less than 24 hours notices or if you don’t attend a post-surgery appointment then a £150 charge will be incurred, this excludes free of charge maintenance appointments, details of how many of these you have are contained within each patients treatment plan.

Outside of Warranty Fees Guide

UpperLowerUpper & Lower
Revision Surgery£1,000£1,000£2,000
Revision Surgery For Complex Cases£3,000£2,000£5,000
Replacement Gcam Veneer£750£750£1,500
EvoEssential™ Remake£1,000£1,000£2,000
EvoAdvanced™ Remake£2,000£2,000£3,000
EvoUltimate™ Remake£4,000n/an/a
EvoEssential™ upgraded to EvoAdvanced™ Prosthesis£5,000£4,000£8,000
EvoAdvanced™ upgraded to EvoUltimate™ Prosthesis£4,000£2,000£5,000
Maintenance Appointments£150£150£250
Single Implants (Each)*£1,500£1,500£1,500
Number of Crowns / Bridge units (Each)*£750£750£750
*Single implants and crowns are only available at EvoDental as part of an opposing full jaw implant rehabilitation, and not as a separate procedure

Warranty details can be found in each patient’s treatment plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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