About us

We believe that living without teeth is a disability and fully understand the impact that tooth loss can have on a person’s physical and social wellbeing. We created the Evolution Solution as THE solution for thousands of people who have to live with removable false teeth; or have been told by a dental professional that tooth loss in one or both jaws is inevitable; or have such extensive dental work with crowns and bridges that there is a limited long term prognosis of success.

We aim to change lives by providing a complete functional rehabilitation of an entire jaw or jaws with fixed teeth. And, our treatment outcome is designed from start to finish to be the very best it can be – clinically, technically and aesthetically.

The Evodental ethos

We are not cosmetic dentists. Our treatment provides life-changing results, but in order to achieve the ideal outcome for our patients, the aesthetics (what it will look like and normally the most important factor for the patient) is just one part of 3 interlinked principles.

The Evolution Solution

As the diagram shows, our pre-treatment analysis looks at the biological impact (impact of the surgical procedure), mechanical stability (how each jaw operates) and aesthetics. The interlinking point of these 3 elements is what we strive for in each patient we treat.

At the forefront of what is possible

We work with forward-thinking partners who innovate and have a passion for what they do. As new technological advances are made, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of what is possible.

We have invested heavily, for example, in the use of CAD/CAM machining so we can create highly engineered dental prosthetics which are unrivalled in their precision. During the consultation and planning stage, we use 3D x-ray image scanning, as this gives us an incredibly accurate 360 degree picture of the patient's mouth in a matter of seconds without needing any invasive procedures. Our digital workflow software technology enables us to plan and carry out a surgical procedure 'virtually' well in advance of any surgery (which our patients also find useful in helping them to fully understand the treatment and what is involved).

2016 ‘Be You Again’ TV campaign

We produced three adverts for our ‘Be You Again’ TV campaign. Filmed at our London Heathrow centre in March 2016, each advert featured a different past patient. Robert, David and Jill had come to us with different dental problems, but were all suitable for the Evolution Solution and agreed that their treatment at Evodental had transformed their lives.

Photo of Jill
Photo of Jill
Photo of Robert
Photo of David

Manoj Vijay: “Our campaign premise was simple – ‘Be You Again’. At Evodental we recreate the natural smile a person once had and, with this, help to restore their overall confidence to be themselves again. When we look at the hundreds of kind thank you letters from patients, we see this has happened time and time again, so it made sense to make it the message of our TV campaign. We hope it inspires others in the same situation to make those first steps in what can be a life-changing experience.”

Watch our ‘Be You Again’ advert with Jill.

Watch our ‘Be You Again’ advert with Robert.

Watch our ‘Be You Again’ advert with David.