Dr Patryk Cesarz - Evo Dental Dr Patryk Cesarz

Dr Patryk Cesarz

My name is Patryk Cesarz. I am originally from Poland and I graduated from the University of Manchester. During my university time, I realised my love for oral surgery. Since then, I have developed skills in general and cosmetic dentistry whilst working in both, private and public sectors. I love working as a dentist as …


Maria - Evo Dental Dr Maria Vassiliou

Dr Maria Vassiliou

I am Maria Vassiliou, a Clinician at EvoDental in Solihull.  I qualified as a dentist in Athens, Greece in 2003. Shortly, after I came to the UK to pursue a post graduate qualification.  My passion has always been to guide patients through their treatment journey and transform their smile and quality of life. My professional …


Dr Gurtaran Shergill - Evo Dental Dr Gurtaran Shergill

Dr Gurtaran Shergill

Hi I’m Taran, I’m one of the clinicians at Evodental, working at the amazing Liverpool clinic. I graduated from the European University of Madrid. My journey into implant dentistry started in the post-graduate clinic in Madrid. Where I was amazed by the world of dental implants. Since then, I have undertaken further postgraduate studies at …


Pav - Evo Dental Dr Pavandeep Khaira

Dr Pavandeep Khaira

I’m Dr Pav Khaira. I recently joined EvoDental at their London Clinic. The reason I started placing implants is a personal one. My grandfather really struggled to eat in his later years and he said to me as a dentist I should have the ability to help patients eat whatever they want. For me, each …


Dr Satwinder Hira - Evo Dental Dr Satwinder Hira

Dr Satwinder Hira

I have always enjoyed learning and I have a passion for helping others. My first degree was in radiotherapy and then I trained as a dentist. My have always been fascinated by the head and have studied it at great length. I have worked in hospitals throughout the country and have served in the army …


Dr Simran Chagger - Evo Dental Dr Simran Chaggar

Dr Simran Chaggar

I’m Simran Chaggar, I’m the Senior Clinician at the Solihull clinic. I joined Evo in 2018 and spent 3 years working in the Liverpool clinic. My journey with Evo started when I met Vijay. I was on an implant course and over dinner and drinks, he was telling me all about what goes on here …


Vlad - Evo Dental Dr Vlad-Petru Jurca

Dr Vlad-Petru Jurca

Hi, I’m Vlad I’m a Clinician at EvoDental. What made me get into dentistry and especially Implantology, is the good mix between engineering and technology. I joined EvoDental because this company is at the forefront of technology and because in order to provide an excellent outcome and predictable results to the patient, you need a …


Jess - Evo Dental Dr Jessica Maguire

Dr Jessica Maguire

My name is Jessica and I graduated as a dentist from Kings College London in 2012. I am passionate about helping people and am involved with charitable organisations where we work to provide dental care in developing countries around the world. I began my implant journey in 2014 under the mentorship of Hilt Tatum, who …


Izabella - Evo Dental Dr Izabela Turek

Dr Izabela Turek

My name is Izabela Turek and I am the Senior Clinician at our Liverpool Supercentre. I graduated in 2000 back in Poland from Medical University of Bialystok. I was involved in implant work straight from the beginning, I had my VT training, first restoring the implants, then placing them. In 2006 I moved to UK …


Rudi - Evo Dental Dr Rudi Mukherjee

Dr Rudi Mukherjee

I joined EvoDental in 2016 and have been Clinical Lead of the London Supercentre since 2017. I oversee the care of all the patients that join the Evo family when they put their trust in our team to change their lives. Since becoming a dentist, I have always been involved in Dental Implantology and my …



Shellah Zardary - Evo Dental Shellah Zardary

Shellah Zardary

Hi, my name is Shellah I am a Dental Nurse working at the Solihull clinic.  I have been here since the beginning of December 21 and have settled in well. I have been a Dental Nurse for three years and have worked in both NHS and private services.  I really love working with implants because …


Olivia Williams - Evo Dental Olivia Williams

Olivia Williams

Hi, my name is Liv and I am a Dental Nurse here at EvoDental.    I started working as a dental nurse at a part NHS and private practice, learning and gaining skills in general and private dentistry for 6 years. Throughout my time as a dental nurse my main sense of achievement has been looking after my patients, …


Grace Cammack - Evo Dental Grace Stoll

Grace Stoll

Hi, I’m Grace a Dental Nurse at Evodental in Liverpool. I have been a Dental Nurse for just over 4 years now. Before working here, I worked in a NHS general dental practice. Coming to work at Evo has been very rewarding for me as it has meant I have been able to expand my …


Sarah Thorpe - Evo Dental Sarah Thorpe

Sarah Thorpe

Hi, my name is Sarah, I am a nurse at EvoDental in Solihull.  I have been in dentistry for 14 years and have worked in both private and NHS services.  I have been a nurse supervisor and trainer and have experience in minor oral surgeries and cosmetic dentistry.  I chose to work at EvoDental to …


Ruth - Evo Dental Ruth Cummings

Ruth Cummings

Hey I’m Ruthie, also known as ‘The Ruth Fairy’ in the dental circuit. With over a decade of experience under my belt, there really isn’t much I haven’t been exposed to in the world of dentistry. I progressed quite rapidly in my career, honing my skills and collecting post qualifications over the years. I’ve held …


Rozeena Ali - Evo Dental Rozeena Ali

Rozeena Ali

Hi, I’m Rozeena and I’m one of the nurses at EvoDental Solihull clinic. I first started my career in a private practice as a trainee nurse and then moved on to qualify as a registered nurse with a NHS practice. I always knew and wanted to return to private care so when I came across …


Naricsa - Evo Dental Narcisa Ancuta

Narcisa Ancuta

Hi, I am Narcisa and I am working at the EvoDental clinic in Heathrow. My journey as a dental nurse started in 2015, when I was working as Dental Receptionist in Milan and I was interested in the clinical part of dentistry and decided to become a dental nurse. I joined Evo in November 2020 …


Laura Ramos - Evo Dental Laura Ramos

Laura Ramos

Hi, I am Laura and I am one of the nurses at the London Heathrow Clinic. I have been dental nursing now for over 4 years and I have to say I really enjoy being part the EvoTeam, as everyone is so passionate, supportive and knowledgeable about the work they do. When I came in …


Kelsey - Evo Dental Kelsey Hayter

Kelsey Hayter

Hi I’m Kelsey, one of the Nurse’s here at EvoDental Liverpool. I have been a Dental Nurse for 4 and a half years, where I first began my career working in a private/NHS practice performing general dentistry.  I had a growing interest in implant nursing and last year decided to venture further into this. I …


Kayleigh Waldron

Kayleigh Waldron

Hi, my name is Kayleigh and I am the Lead Nurse at EvoDental in Solihull. I have been a dental nurse for 7 years and started out in general dentistry, but my focus was always on surgical dentistry as I took an interest in surgical implants straight away. Being Lead Nurse I am responsible for …


Janet - Evo Dental Janet Madu

Janet Madu

Hi, my name is Janet and I am one of the dental nurses here at EvoDental Liverpool. I have been practicing as a dental nurse for the past 15 years and I have worked at several private dental practices throughout my career. I have been fortunate to have worked alongside specialists and dentist who have …


Hosani Limbu - Evo Dental Hosani Limbu

Hosani Limbu

Hi, I am Hosani and I work at the EvoDental Clinic in Heathrow. I joined the company recently this year and I have been enjoying it since then. My career started in 2011 when I completed my dental nursing qualification and started working in a NHS dental practice. Implant dentistry has always fascinated me and …


Delia Craciun - Evo Dental Delia Craciun

Delia Craciun

Hi, my name is Delia and I’m working as a dental nurse in Solihull.  I qualified in 2021 with NEBDN and since then I have been working for EvoDental.  I consider that providing private treatment to the highest standards is the future of dentistry and I would like to be part of that future. This is why I …


Alma - Evo Dental Alma Caraig

Alma Caraig

Hi, I’m Alma, I’m a nurse at the EvoDental Heathrow Clinic. My career in dentistry started in 2001 when I began dental nursing in various practices in and around London. I joined the EvoDental team back in 2016 and haven’t looked back since. We have a great team here at EvoDental and everyone works really …


Ellie - Evo Dental Ellie Clark

Ellie Clark

Hi, I’m Ellie and I’m one of the nurse’s at the EvoDental Liverpool clinic, I have been a dental nurse for 4 years. I first started off in an NHS practice just doing general dentistry, the dentist i was working for then started to do implants and I was amazed, I knew instantly this was …


Lonela - Evo Dental Ionela-Alina Putura

Ionela-Alina Putura

Hi, my name is Alina, and I’ve been an Evo Nurse since 2017. I started studying dental nursing in the U.K. in 2015. I like improving my skills as much as I can by doing post-qualification courses. Since then, I started Oral Hygiene Education, Impression Taking, I.V Sedation, Cannulation and Dental Radiography. I believe by …


Hannah James - Evo Dental Hannah James

Hannah James

Hi, I’m Hannah. I’m one of the nurses at EvoDental in Liverpool. I started dental nursing about four years ago. Before that, I worked with racehorses for eight years. I decided on just a big career change. I got an apprenticeship, think I was twenty four at the time and ended up in EvoDental Liverpool. …


Zoe - Evo Dental Zoe Walmsley

Zoe Walmsley

Hi, I’m Zoe, I’m one of the nurses that works at EvoDental in Liverpool. I started working for the company when the founder, Dr Vijay bought the practice I was working at in my home town of Biddulph, and that was about 14 years ago. What we’ve been doing here for years is just brilliant, …


Monika Sienczak Monika Sienczak

Monika Sienczak

Hi, my name is Monika, and I’m the head nurse in the EvoDental London clinic, I’ve been working for EvoDental for over four years, but my dental journey started in 2010 when I decided to enroll myself for a dental nursing course and I’ve worked in a few places before where I developed my skills …


Patient Coordinators

Clare - Evo Dental Clare Bellair

Clare Bellair

I’m one of the receptionists at EvoDental Liverpool. I can honestly say I absolutely love the team I work with and what we do. Everyone at Liverpool were really welcoming when I started and I feel like I have been here for years. I am very proud of the work myself and my fellow receptionist …


Sharon - Evo Dental Sharon Barton

Sharon Barton

Hi, I’m Sharon and I am the receptionist here at EvoDental Solihull. I have previously worked as medical receptionist and joined EvoDental in May 2021.  I can truly say that is has’s been an incredible journey so far. I have built a great relationship with our patients, and I enjoy seeing the transformations they go …


Matthew Clarke - Evo Dental Matthew Clarke

Matthew Clarke

Hi, I’m Matthew and I’m the Patient Coordinator at EvoDental Solihull clinic. I have been in dentistry over 9 years and the patient care and journey is at the heart of what I do. I understand the anxieties of attending the dentist however my job is to make you feel completely at ease and to …


Grace Cammack - Evo Dental Grace Cammack

Grace Cammack

Hi, my name is Grace and I am working as a receptionist at the London Heathrow branch. I joined EvoDental in 2021 and I enjoy being part of the EvoDental team as everyone is caring and friendly. What I love about working here is that you are part of the patients journey and it is …


Zohra Doust - Evo Dental Zohra Doust

Zohra Doust

Hi, my name is Zohra and I’m a receptionist at the London Clinic. I have been in the dental industry since 2014 working in NHS and Private practices. Upon joining Evo Dental it opened my eyes to a completely different world in the dental department. The team, the technology and our patients always seem to …


Nicola - Evo Dental Nicola Quinn

Nicola Quinn

Hi I’m Nicola, I’m a Receptionist here at EvoDental. I came to EvoDental to view a procedure whilst working as a Dental Nurse at another practice. I knew instantly that I would love to learn more about the procedures involved here at EvoDental and I had an amazing offer to come and further my career …


Valentina - Evo Dental Valentina Ciobanu

Valentina Ciobanu

Hi, I’m Valentina. I’m a Patient Coordinator in the EvoDental London Clinic. I started working at EvoDental in 2017. What I love about EvoDental is that I can be a part of the patient’s journey from their Full Clinical Assessment to their Annual Maintenance. Each patient is unique, and we try our best to make …


Steve O'Brien - Evo Dental Steve O’Brien

Steve O’Brien

My name is Steve O’Brien. I’m the Group Practice Director at EvoDental. I am one of the few who has been with the business since 2007 when we opened our first practice in Liverpool. It was with the express intention of bringing implant procedures to the general public. At that time, there wasn’t as many …


Laura Murphy - Evo Dental Laura Murphy

Laura Murphy

I have been working as a dental nurse for 15 years, including the 4 years working at EvoDental. I took a different path to begin with and figured out that I wanted to be a dental nurse, through education and a job working as cabin crew. Throughout my time at college and university, I had …


Lab Team

Ewelina Spasowka Ewelina Spasowka

Ewelina Spasowka

Hello, my name is Ewelina and I am Dental Technician in EvoDental Liverpool Clinic. I joined EvoDental in 2022. It was the best decision I ever made. I was always enthusiastic about dental technology. Finally I found place where I can share my passion and discover so many new things. Every person in EvoDental is …


Taimur Khan - Evo Dental Taimur Khan

Taimur Khan

Hi, I’m Taimur and I am one of the lab technicians here at EvoDental Solihull.  I have been working as a technician for over 9 years now. Since a young age I have always been interested in designing and creating, I feel very lucky to be part of creating the incredible outcomes here at EvoDental. …


Gurjeet Marwaha - Evo Dental Rebaz Mahmood

Rebaz Mahmood

Hi I’m Baz and I’m one of the lab technicians here at EvoDental Solihull. I have been in dental technology since 2007, studying at Matthew Bolton College and De Montford university. I enjoy putting my skills and knowledge to the test every day to create the most life changing outcomes for our patients. In my …


Gurjeet Marwaha - Evo Dental Gurjeet Marwaha

Gurjeet Marwaha

Hey I’m Gurj.  I am one of the dental technician’s at EvoDental in Solihull.  I love my job and have always been keen on all things art and design related. I’ve always been a dab hand at anything practical. These qualities have been invaluable in my career as a dental technician.  I have been a …


Charlene - Evo Dental Charlene Finn

Charlene Finn

Hi, I am Charlene, I’ve worked at EvoDental Liverpool since it opened back in 2007,  when I started. I didn’t know what I was expecting but 14 years later we have evolved and grown a lot bigger and more knowledgeable. I see EvoDental as a second family and the patients as an extended part of …


Sem - Evo Dental Semere Kiros

Semere Kiros

I’m Sem, and I am the CAM (computer aided manufacturing) technician at EvoDental. I have worked at Evo for nearly 3 years now, as part of the technical team, where I am responsible for the manufacturing of our patient’s prosthesis. I work with the latest milling machines to bring our patients new teeth to life …


Shahryar Tariq - Evo Dental Shahryar Tariq

Shahryar Tariq

Hi, I’m Shahryar Tariq one of the CAD CAM Technicians at EvoDental Liverpool. My route to EvoDental began in 2015 after completing my BSc in Dental Technology. Then venturing down south, gaining experience and knowledge before retuning back home north to Manchester. I joined EvoDental in 2019, the work we do is fascinating and always …


Molly Palmer - Evo Dental Molly Palmer

Molly Palmer

Hi, I’m Molly. I’m a Dental Technician here at the Evodental Liverpool Clinic. I joined the Evo Team in 2015 as an Apprentice after leaving college and I have now enjoyed working here for over 6 years. In 2018 I gained my Qualification in Dental Technology after 3 years of studying alongside working at Evodental. …


Anna - Evo Dental Anna Cygan

Anna Cygan

Hi. I’m Anna, one of the technicians at the EvoDental Liverpool clinic. I have been working in this profession for 26 years. The first 10 years I worked in Poland, in a few labs gaining as much experience and skills as possible. I even established my own business but when my daughter was born, I …


Danny - Evo Dental Daniel Cupples

Daniel Cupples

Hi I’m Danny senior Dental technician at EvoDental. I have been in the dental profession all my life since leaving school at the age of 15. I got an apprenticeship at a dental surgery where I served my time and for many years worked alongside this same dentist where we built an understanding of each …


Carlos Pulido - Evo Dental Carlos Pulido

Carlos Pulido

Hi!! I’m Carlos, I am a dental technician at EvoDental London. I joined Evo after over 10 years as a dental technician in Spain, then I moved to London in order to gain different experience in my career and I have worked at Evo since October 2017. I have worked in different areas within the …


Tomasz - Evo Dental Tomasz Iwanski

Tomasz Iwanski

I’ve working in EvoDental for 8 years. Currently as the Technical Team Supervisor at EvoDental Liverpool. Over the years, using the latest technology and materials we have developed, the best possible solutions for our patients. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with my colleagues, focusing on training new members, allowing them to smoothly join our growing …


Business Managers

Leslee - Evo Dental Leslee Griffiths

Leslee Griffiths

Hi, I’m Leslee and I’m one of EvoDentals’ Business Managers with responsibility for our Solihull Clinic. I have been a Business Manager for over 20 years working across legal and medical practices with responsibility for all aspects of business management within a complex professional setting. There is never a dull day at EvoDental!  On a …


Andrew Cowans

Andrew Cowans

Hi, my name is Andrew and I am the Business Manager for EvoDental Liverpool. I have 20 years’ experience in the dental industry as a Dental Nurse, manager, trainer and consultant. I originally started my career in the Royal Air Force where gained my qualification in Dental Nursing and was first person in the UK …


Senior Leadership Team

K.P Doyle - Evo Dental KP Doyle

KP Doyle

KP has a wealth of experience in multi-site healthcare services, including running groups of dental practices, private hospitals, physiotherapy and rehab centres, also gym chains. As chair of EvoDental, KP is responsible for guiding the executive team on corporate governance, key decision making on the group’s strategic direction, and investments focused on excellent patient-centric care. …


Alister Brew - Evo Dental Alistair Brew

Alistair Brew

Alistair has been on the EvoDental board since 2017 when he led an investment into the business by BGF. His role is to challenge the executive team and support the growth of the business. Alistair is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has been investing into businesses across a range of sectors on behalf of institutional …


Jonathon Steel - Evo Dental Jonathan Steele

Jonathan Steele

Jonathan is a Charted Accountant with ICAS and started his professional career at Ernst & Young in Manchester. Following 4 years in Assurance, Jonathan joined Grant Thorntons’ Corporate Finance team in Manchester and worked on Mid Market deals including Private Equity. Jonathan then moved to CMS/CMSPI as Finance Director and lead the business from c3m …


Karl O’Higgins

Karl O’Higgins

Hi, my name is Karl and I’m the Managing Director at EvoDental. Originally a Mechanical Engineer, I’ve been involved in dentistry for almost 30 years, latterly focused on innovative, high-tech digital technologies. My role at EvoDental is to develop the strategy, collaborating with the senior leadership team, then working across our multi-disciplinary team to ensure …