All-on-four dental implants in Wolverhampton explained

All-on-four is a dental procedure which uses four, or in some cases six, advanced full mouth dental implants that enable a precision-engineered prosthetic to be fitted in place. This treatment removed damaged or failing teeth and replaces them with this new prosthetic, which looks and feels as lifelike and natural as possible.

EvoDental’s team of implants experts provide an advanced alternative to the standard all-on-four treatment, fitting a uniquely designed prosthetic which is specific for the individual patient. Our process takes place all in one day, allowing patients to benefit from their new smile in as little time as possible.

Why choose all-on-four dental implants in Wolverhampton

The reasons for why patient’s may be interested in all-on-four dental implants in Wolverhampton are varied, but in general there are several main issues they face. For example, many patients are suffering with loose or missing teeth as a result of gum disease. Or, they may be having problems with pre-existing dental treatments that are now failing, causing them to lose confidence in their smiles and have difficulty eating the food they love.

In the vast majority of cases, EvoDental can provide a resolution. If you are interested in all-on-four dental implants in Wolverhampton, here are the key benefits of this treatment:

  • they mimic the look and feel of natural teeth
  • you’ll be able to eat the food you love again
  • the natural shape of your face will return
  • the matierals used promote bone growth
  • it’s easy to maintain with normal teeth brushing and flossing

Our entire team works as one to provide every patient with the best outcome. Book your free consultation now to find out how we can help you.

Visit our clinic in Solihull

If you are interested in all-on-four dental implants in Wolverhampton, the most convenient EvoDental clinic to visit is our Solihull centre. Located in the town centre, it is easy to access by all forms of transport, being a 5 minute drive from junction 5 of the M42, and a similar walking distance from Solihull train station.

You can book a free consultation at our Solihull clinic to find out more about your treatment options.

Affordable and clear pricing

We have worked hard to make sure that our all-on-four dental implant prices are as accessible to as many people as possible. All our all on 4 costs are listed on our website, and our team of patient coordinators are happy to answer any questions you might have when you get in touch.

We also offer flexible finance options, with details also provided on our site.


  1. EvoEssential™

    £9,300 Single Jaw
    £17,600 Both Jaws

  2. EvoAdvanced™

    £13,800 Single Jaw
    £23,800 Both Jaws

  3. EvoUltimate™

    £17,600 Single Jaw
    £29,000 Both Jaws

EvoDental's advanced alternative to all-on-four implants

We are the only UK clinic that focuses exclusively on full mouth dental implant rehabilitation. Everyday, we work together to ensure that each one of our patients receives the best treatment and outcome possible.

In order to understand our treatment, it’s easier to break it down into some key stages.

Free consultation

The consultation stage is the first part of your journey with us, and during this time a clinician will sit with you and explain what is involved with the treatment and how it will help you. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions as well as get an understanding of how things work at EvoDental.

As well as speaking with a clinician, you’ll also sit with one of our patient coordinators who will talk you through the finance options, as well as the other parts of the process that aren’t clinician in nature.

The goal of the consultation is to give each patient enough information for them to be able to make an informed decision. If there are any parts you’re unsure of, we’re always one call away and happy to help.

Day of surgery

The next part of the process is the actual day of surgery. Once a patient has confirmed that they are ready to proceed, all of the treatment details will be validated in advance of this stage.

For those in Wolverhampton, you will most likely have your surgery at our Solihull clinic. You’ll arrive early in the morning and will be shown to a private patient suite which is just yours. Once you are comfortable and have settled in, a member of our clinical team will administer sedation and, free from pain, you’ll move to the treatment room where your remaining teeth will be extracted and the implants placed.

Next, you’ll be able to wait, rest and get comfortable in your suite. Whilst you are here, your new prosthesis will be being produced in our on-site lab. Our artisan technicians will make your new teeth look completely lifelike and natural. This is bespoke to you, and is made with a finely-tuned process.

In the late afternoon when your prosthesis is ready, you’ll return to the treatment room to have your new teeth fitted. After that, you’ll be able to leave for the day and enjoy your new smile right away!

12-14 week check up and definitive fit

A few weeks following your surgery, you’ll return to our clinic for a check up and to have your definitive prosthetic fitted. In the time since your surgery, our technicians will have worked on your final set of teeth to make it look and feel as natural as possible.

As well as this, during the time since your surgery, your new implants and prosthetic will have fully integrated with your mouth and bone. This means that the final prosthetic will be slimmer and even more lifelike!

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