Why choose dentures?

In our Birmingham-based clinic, we have on-site, purpose-built laboratories that our experts use to design and manufacture completely bespoke dental implants – the EvoSolution™. As the advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants, the EvoSolution™ includes the following:

  • Pre-maxilla, pre-mandible and pterygoid implants
  • 4 – 6 implants per jaw
  • 10 – 12 upper and lower teeth
  • 4 – 6 teeth shades
  • Fixed permanent teeth in one-day of treatment
  • Includes biological and medical warranties

Why choose dental implants?

What are Dentutres?

As denture alternatives in Birmingham, EvoSolution™ is the resolution to failing, rotten and missing teeth. As smile-in-a-day, full jaw dental implants and full mouth dental implants, the EvoSolution™ uses a bespoke one-piece, full jaw, prosthetic bridge, secured by 4 – 6 implants, which has numerous benefits:

A lifechanging treatment

The EvoSolution™ involves the design and milling of a bespoke solution that is comfortable and strong. It gives you confidence and self-esteem when smiling and allows you to eat the foods you want – when you want!

A full jaw fixed solution

Providing denture alternatives in Birmingham, our smile-in-a-day implants enable you to regain the function of proper teeth, giving you a natural face shape and improving aesthetics around the jaw line – by stimulating bone growth previously lost due to tooth loss.

Preservation of healthy bone

If you have lost bone due to missing teeth, then EvoSolution™ can help. Even with minimal bone in your mouth, we can still provide you with full mouth dental implants without the need of painful bone grafting or sinus lifts.

Comfortable ‘real teeth’ feel

With accurate tooth simulation, longevity and a comfortable ‘real teeth’ feel, the EvoSolution™ gives you the experience of a fully functioning mouth of teeth!

Individualised solution

Designed, manufactured and implanted at our own on-site laboratories at our clinics in Birmingham, Liverpool and Heathrow, this individualised solution is developed by our team of expert technicians and clinicians, who pool their extensive industry know-how for every patient.

Can be fitted in one day

Our EvoSolution™ is a smile-in-a-day treatment, which means once you leave our clinic at the end of the day, you will have a full mouth of dental implants. On surgery day, you will be settled into your private patient suite before having any remaining teeth removed.

Later the same day, you will have your bespoke prosthetic fitted, before being discharged with a brand-new smile! Once the dental implants have had time to bed-in (ossification), you will then return to our clinic approximately 12 weeks later, for your final fitting. We will never ask you to wear temporary dentures.

Competitive pricing

Here at EvoDental, our costs are fully transparent and will be tailored to you and your requirements. As we only perform either top or bottom jaw (or both), our pricing starts at £9,300 for one jaw and up to £29,000 for both. We are proud that we offer some of the most competitive pricing for this treatment, industry-wide.

Why choose EvoSolution™ instead of dentures

Often, when you have failing, rotten or missing teeth, your dentist will have advised you that dentures are your only option. But we often associate dentures with older people and they are notorious for being ill-fitting, uncomfortable and present difficulties with eating and speaking. And most of us know of someone who has had their teeth pop out in a most inopportune time!

With EvoSolution™, you won’t face any of these problems. The smile-in-a-day treatment can transform your smile – and your self-confidence – forever. Our denture alternatives in Birmingham could be the answer to your dental problems, however challenging!

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