Why denture alternatives in Coventry?

A lot of people who wear dentures still suffer with a number of concerns, which most often include:

  • Problems with speaking
  • Excess saliva
  • Difficulty eating

This is especially true for those who wear full jaw replacements. However, an alternative exists which can provide a more lifelike smile, with a stronger bond between prosthetic and jaw that can enable a person to smile and eat without restriction.

EvoDental’s “same day smile” treatment helps patients to achieve this, and our experts perform this every day. Dental implants are placed into bone, with screw-retained prosthetics fitted onto them. These are designed and manufactured completely onsite in our dental labs and fitted on the same day as a patient’s surgery.

As this is the only treatment we provide, our clinicians are experts in any case, especially complex situations where the patient has been advised that implants are not an option. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Complex cases overcame with pterygoid or zygomatic implants
  • 4 – 6 implants per jaw placed, providing the optimal level of strength
  • 10 – 12 upper and lower teeth, depending on the option chosen
  • 4 – 6 teeth shades, allowing patients to customise their new smile
  • Fixed permanent teeth in one-day of treatment, our “same day smile” denture alternative

Am I suitable for denture alternatives in Coventry?

The best way to find out if you are suitable for our dental implant treatment is to arrange a free consultation at our Birmingham clinic. During this time, you’ll discuss your medical and dental history with one of our clinicians. We’ll also take a CBCT X-ray of your teeth, to provide us with the required information to create a treatment plan for you. You’ll also be able to discuss finance options, and ask any questions about our treatment.

This consultation carries no obligation, and you will be able to take away what you have learned so you can make an informed decision.

Often, people who are suitable for this treatment may not know it. Common situations include:

  • Your dentist has told you that your only solution is dentures
  • You have been told that you don’t have the proper bone density for implants
  • you have failing teeth 0r ineffective dental treatments, such as bridges or crowns
  • you suffer with gum disease (periodontal disease)

We have a clinic in Birmingham

Our Birmingham clinic is easy to reach for people based in Coventry, and has been purpose built to provide every part of our unique denture alternative treatment.

The Birmingham clinic is on Homer Rd in Solihull, and is easy to reach via car or public transport. This is our main clinic in the Midlands, and is the most convenient option for people based in Coventry.

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