What are the alternatives to dentures in Leeds?

Dentures help many people, but there are a few shortcomings that prevent those who need to wear them from having a perfect, permanent solution. Quite often, those people who wear dentures have difficulty speaking, an excess of saliva, a nagging worry that the denture will come loose, and most commonly, difficulty eating.

Dental implants provide a viable denture alternative in Leeds, with a permanent, fixed prosthetic bridge that is fixed into place. This is known as a “same day smile” treatment, and it is the only treatment which EvoDental performs every day, in all of our clinics. Our entire process has been developed and optimised to deliver the best outcome for the patient,

This treatment, which removes existing, failing teeth and replaces the with a bespoke and unique prosthetic which is designed and manufactured in our on-site labs, takes place in just one day. We are able to help with complex cases, so even if you have been advised by your dentist that dental implants are not an option for you, we can help.

Some of the main benefits of our same day smile denture alternaitve in Leeds include:

  • new teeth look, feel and work just like natural ones
  • they are easy to maintain
  • you can smile again with confidence
  • you’ll be able to eat the food you love

Visit our clinic in Leeds

Our clinic in Leeds has been purpose built to deliver all parts of our same day smile, denture alterative treatment in Leeds. It’s easy to access and is located where the M621 and M1 motorways meet, making it a great and convenient location to visit for all those based in Leeds, Yorkshire and North East England.

Like all of our centres, the Leeds clinic has private patient suites, treatment rooms and also an on-site dental laboratory. If you are interested in denture alternatives in Leeds, you can request a free consultation now.

Am I suitable for treatment?

During your free 90 minute consultation, we’ll go over all aspects of your medical history and perform a CBCT X-ray of your mouth, This will help us to determine your suitability for treatment, but in most cases,. we can help.

Many people who need this treatment often suffer with advanced gum disease, broken teeth resulting from an accident or injury, or a failing pre-existing dental treatment. You may even have been advised that you cannot have dental implants due to this, or that dentures are the only solution for you, but even if this is the case, we will most likely still be able to help.

During our free consultation, you’ll also be able to ask our team any question or about a concern you might have. We’ll always give you the information you need, and even in the unlikely scenario we can’t help you – we’ll be able to direct you to someone who can in the shape of one of our partners. Our mission is to make sure everyone has a confident, fully functional smile.

Our prices - transparent and affordable

We always list our prices throughout our marketing, and aim to make them as transparent as possible. We also offer flexible finance packages, so that we can help as many people as possible.

If you have any questions about this, you’ll always be able to speak to our team – we’re happy to help!


  1. EvoEssential™

    £9,300 Single Jaw
    £17,600 Both Jaws

  2. EvoAdvanced™

    £13,800 Single Jaw
    £23,800 Both Jaws

  3. EvoUltimate™

    £17,600 Single Jaw
    £29,000 Both Jaws

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