The EvoSolution

The EvoSolutions Explained

The EvoSolutions Explained


/ Evo team members


/ Full Jaw Corrections in 2019 at Evo Centres


/ Implants placed in 2019

* Typically five implants placed per full jaw correction.

It's 2020.

You don’t need
to wear a denture

/ Our treatments

-- Preserve healthy bone without need for grafting
-- Are designed, manufactured and implanted in the UK
-- Look, behave and perform like normal, natural teeth
-- Restore and retain a natural face shape

We are a team of


engineers and scientists:

/ Working as one for over 20 years, we have created a world-leading answer to one of the biggest problems many people face -- a full, working set of teeth. We’re all highly skilled in what we do, making every part of the journey as exceptional as it can be.