Hi, I am Charlene, I’ve worked at EvoDental Liverpool since it opened back in 2007, 

when I started. I didn’t know what I was expecting but 14 years later we have evolved and grown a lot bigger and more knowledgeable. I see EvoDental as a second family and the patients as an extended part of my life.

I was quiet and unsure at the start but with more responsibility given to me throughout the years, my confidence has grown enormously. You can never keep me quit anymore, EvoDental has made me the way I am today with my enthusiasm and high spirit. 

When talking to patients and seeing their lives being changed in a few hours is beyond striking, every day is different and I am proud that I am part of this amazing, caring and loving team, my Evo family!  

When I am not work am at home with my two boys and my husband who like to keep me busy especially when it comes to Lego building or Halloween costume making every year! 

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