Hi l’m Megan, one of the dental nurse’s here at our EvoDental Dartford clinic! I began my dental career within an implant practice before moving to a general practice whilst I was completing my dental nursing course. I have over two years of dental nursing experience and am fully qualified. My interest for implants and sedation continued at the general practice I worked within, before I moved on to EvoDental- which has every aspect I love and much more that suits and excels my career needs.

EvoDental is truly an extraordinary company that not only puts every patients needs and desires into place, but also goes above and beyond for the whole team combined. What really pushed me towards working with Evo, was the full patient experience and final outcome that I could see. With EvoDental as a nurse, we have the opportunity to be more involved and form stronger relationships with our patients. We assist our clinicians and guide the patients through the whole process. The final outcome is the greatest thing to experience, as the transformation of the patient and watching the patients reaction once the fit has been completed is just rewarding. The patient most times has been transformed not only on the outside but from within also.

When I am not working, I love spending time with friends, family and of course my border collie dog named Gracie! I also enjoy my holidays abroad such as Barcelona or Greece.

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