Gordon Portrait Gordon’s Journey

Gordon’s Journey

EvoDental was recommended to Gordon by his daughter in law who is a dental hygienist as “according to all records EvoDental was the best place”.

Gordon was wearing a top denture for 15 years – they were the best top denture he had ever had, however they were still ill fitted. Whilst they replicated the look of natural teeth they did not function like natural teeth. He had to compromise his lifestyle due to his denture – he was consciously worried about any social situations which involved him having to take his denture out – eating in public, sharing a room on holiday. He’d had enough and started looking for an alternative to false teeth.

When he came for his free clinical assessment he said he was made to feel like the most important person here and he knew straight away EvoDental was the best place to come to. Since having his treatment, “eating has been grand…sticky cakes don’t stick!” “when I took my fork out, there was no teeth in the sticky cake!”

Gordons biggest regret is not having the EvoSolution™ 15 years ago!

He is so happy with this treatment that he has booked in for his lower jaw too!

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The Shelton's Journey - Evo Dental The Shelton’s Journey

The Shelton’s Journey

“There’s not one photograph I have with my grandchildren where I’m actually smiling…whereas now I’m forever going shall we play snapchat kids, just so I can smile all the time!”

After researching for a year, husband and wife, Terry & Julieanna actually visited another clinic however they “didn’t feel at all confident or relaxed there”. Then they came to EvoDental and “from the second we came in it was like, this is where we’re going to go”.

Julieanna came to EvoDental thinking she needed both jaws treated, after further assessment our Clinicians explained she only needed her upper jaw treated, whereas Terry required upper and lower jaw correction. Before coming to EvoDental they hated talking to people and socialising with their friends and family. Now, these social butterflies feel like they have a new lease of life and are enjoying living it to the fullest!

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Andrea's Journey

Kate's Journey - Evo Dental Kate’s Journey

Kate’s Journey

“I don’t enjoy eating out in front of people, I don’t even enjoy eating in front of my kids to be honest”. Kate became reclusive due to her declining oral health which stopped her having the confidence to go outside, she would regularly send her daughter in her place to go to school functions for her son as she feared being judged.

Kate spent years doing extensive research on treatments she may be suitable for. After watching her dad suffer through living with dentures, she knew they were not an option she was willing to settle for.

Being from Scotland, we were able to help Kate close to home by performing her full clinical assessment over in our Edinburgh local access partner. Since completing her treatment Kate’s confidence has returned and her diet improved. For the first time in years Kate has been able to smile confidently and spend time with her children outside of her home without fear.

Kate’s journey has been closely followed by past, present and future Evo patients and continues to educate and inspire people every day.

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Pedro's Journey - Evo Dental Pedro’s Journey

Pedro’s Journey

“Unless you have somebody that really understands, it can really push your self esteem down”. Pedro had struggled with countless dental issues since he was only a few years old and was wearing full upper and lower dentures by his late teens. He researched alternatives to dentures in hope that he would not have to live his whole life without a solution. “I did not believe there was a solution for me. I tried everywhere and was told that due to advanced bone loss, I could not have dental implants.” Then he came to EvoDental. Our amazing team of Clinicians, Nurses and Technicians assessed Pedro and whilst he did have limited bone, we gave him hope that the impossible was possible. Thanks to the EvoSolution™, Pedro has regained his confidence and is a whole new person. For the first time in 20 years, Pedro has functioning teeth. And what is he most excited about? “Getting a fillet steak – then I can really chew! Then I can taste!”

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Kate's Journey

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