Things to consider

When looking at the cost of full jaw dental implant treatment, it may be worth considering the following points.

  • Prosthetic teeth on implants do not decay, meaning an absence of future dental disease and pain, as well as cost and time savings on future dental care.
  • Alternative dental solutions such as crowns and bridges are built upon natural roots rather than implants and are always at risk of decay in the root, requiring replacement.
  • The alternative of dentures, where the bone is in a steady shrinking mode, are routinely ill-fitting and uncomfortable, and require frequent relining or replacement.
  • Dental implants behave as normal teeth, meaning you can enjoy formerly ‘forbidden’ foods, leading to improved nutrition and overall health.
  • The importance of re-gained self-esteem, which our prosthesis and dental implants provide, cannot be underestimated – a new confidence in social situations and even smiling in photographs, is priceless to some.
  • Quality matters and you get what you pay for – the cost for full jaw dental implant treatment is directly proportional to the quality of materials we use and the expertise involved in providing our entire multi-dimensional package of care.

The bottom line

When choosing to replace full dentures or severely compromised natural teeth, you should expect to pay the price of a new car for the treatment. If you are choosing to pay for treatment with finance, your new teeth will continue to sparkle, with minimal tune-ups along the way, long past the last monthly payment.

We often tell people not to let the cost of full jaw dental implants hold them back from changing their lives. It’s definitely worth booking a free consultation at Evodental and finding out more.

Patient awaiting treatment