What is the EvoSolution?

The EvoSolution™ is a treatment which is a long-lasting solution for replacing dentures, loose, rotten, missing or failing teeth with a full set of dental implants in just one day.

Whereas traditional all-on-four dental implants are a restoration of the upper and lower arch using dental implants fitted to four screws, our EvoSolution can include another two further implants in nasalus, pterygoid and zygomatic areas of the upper jaw. This helps to overcome more challenging dental situations, including any loss of bone that has occurred where teeth are missing.

The EvoSolution enables us to provide you with the most specialist treatments that cannot be found anywhere else in the UK, involving upper, lower or both jaws. We know this procedure inside and out, and our patients are amazed when they learn that they can have smile in a day dental implants – just as promised! If you have missing teeth due to injury or advanced gum disease, or if you have failing teeth which are painful when you chew and eat, you may be eligible for treatment.

The EvoSolution will see you have the remainder of your teeth removed whilst you’re under mild sedation, and the dental implants will then be placed into your jaw(s) at the same time. The prosthesis fitted will be a temporary one, although still expertly engineered in our on-site labs.

You will wear these until the dental implants have undergone the ossification process – when bone attaches to the new implants. This process only takes a few weeks, and strengthens the implants.

You will then be invited back to our clinic for the fitting of your final prosthesis. All of our prosthetics are completely bespoke to each individual patient, based on the Cone beam CT scans which are taken at the consultation stage, so you can be sure they will fit perfectly.

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Smile in a day dental implants in Birmingham

If you are interested in smile in a day dental implants in Birmingham, the most convenient clinic for you to visit would be our Solihull location.

Based right in Solihull town centre, our clinic can be accessed easily from all forms of transportation and has ample free parking on site.

Book a free consultation there today to see how we can help you take the first step to regain a full-functional and confident smile.

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Smile in a day dental implant solutions:

Here at EvoDental, we offer a number of options for your smile in a day dental implants in Birmingham:


As our entry level treatment, EvoEssential provides you with an upper and lower full-jaw fixed solution, which is made from a monolithic graphene infused bio polymer for bio-compatability.

With accurate tooth simulation and longevity, EvoEssential doesn’t compromise on function as it is a life-like solution, mimicking the normal and natural chewing function.

Dentures are often cumbersome and need taking out regularly to be cleaned – not to mention they are hard to chew with and certain foods often get stuck – our EvoEssential is a perfect alternative.


As our most popular and requested solution, EvoAdvanced builds on the same, fundamental principles of the EvoEssential but also features a titanium sub-structure supporting the polymer.

This results in even more durability whilst allowing for a slimmer prosthetic to be designed to offer improved feel and comfort for the smile in a day dental implants. The EvoAdvanced still enables further two teeth to be added to the upper prosthetic.


As the premium EvoSolution, EvoUltimate benefits from a characterised zirconia super-structure and titanium sub-structure. Zirconia not only provides the most ‘real teeth’ of all the solutions, but allows our in-house artisan lab technicians to add layers of characterisation to the teeth – using shadow, tone and translucency – to make our premium product as realistic to natural dentation as is possible.

EvoUltimate is an upper jaw solution only and can be teamed with EvoAdvanced lower jaw to ensure longevity due to the compatibility of materials.

Smile in a day costs - affordable and transparent pricing from EvoDental

Our mission is to ensure that everyone has a smile they can be proud of. With this in mind, we have made our prices as affordable as possible, as well as offering finance options.

Book a free consultation with us now to see how we can help you with our “smile in a day” treatment.


  1. EvoEssential™

    £9,300 Single Jaw
    £17,600 Both Jaws

  2. EvoAdvanced™

    £13,800 Single Jaw
    £23,800 Both Jaws

  3. EvoUltimate™

    £17,600 Single Jaw
    £29,000 Both Jaws

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