Evo Terms & Conditions

Evo Terms & Conditions

Evo Terms & Conditions

The Evo Solution

EvoSolution™ Payment Terms and Other Associated Costs

  • Treatment is paid in full before you commence your treatment
    • If paying by Card/Cash/Cheque – on your Validation appointment
    • If through Finance – 5 days before your Validation appointment
  • If additional appointments are added through patient choice (e.g., a second full clinical assessment), we reserve the right to charge a fee
  • In rare cases, additional appointments may be required to achieve the best long term result. In such cases, we do not offer compensation (e.g., for travel or loss of earnings).
  • DC1TM replacement prosthesis: £3,000
  • All prices are VAT inclusive. Prices are valid for 3 months from the date of the treatment plan
  • The total treatment plan cost relates to the Evo package of care undertaken at Evo. For patients who decide to discontinue their treatment at Evo and attempt to continue at another dental practice, additional fees may apply.
  • For cost-related queries, please speak to your Patient Co-ordinator

EvoSolution™ Packages of Care - Warranties

Evo understand that patients want peace of mind when making such a large emotional and financial investment.  In our extensive experience, and our investment in training and cutting edge technology, we are in a position to offer an unmatchable peace of mind warranty on the products and processes that we know, with certainty, are possible or not possible.  Our warranties come with strict terms and conditions, which we will exercise if our instructions are not followed.

Biological warranty:  3 Years

  • If you have any biological issues within 3 years, we will remediate at our cost
  • Biological issues include: implant failure and / or lack of osseointegration due to infection, impaired healing, peri-implantitis, natural rejection by the body’s immune system, overload, progressive bone loss, bone quality / quantity, bruxism and other parafunctional habits.  Iatrogenic failure, including poor angulation and alignment.

Mechanical warranty:  3 years

  • If you have any mechanical (implant component or prosthesis) issues within 3 years, we will remediate at our cost
  • Mechanical issues include: prosthetic and / or implant component (implants, abutments, connecting components) fracture, prosthetics fracture

Annual Maintenance Appointments: 3 years

  • Your Annual Maintenance appointments are free of charge
  • Annual Maintenance appointments are critical, must be attended within your specified month.

EvoSolution™ Packages of Care - Patient Suitability Criteria

You (the patient) must …

  • Read, sign and understand the all Evo consent documentation provided. Patients wanting warranty and surety will accept that our expertise and experience of full jaw rehabilitation guides our clinical decisions, so in order to protect our patients’ long-term benefit, our clinical judgement is final.
  • Be medically fit for our treatment. General Practitioner sign-off may be required in certain cases.
  • Have expectations aligned with what is anatomically and biologically possible. For example, if a patient has high and exacting expectations that, in our clinical judgement, cannot be predictably achieved, Evo will refuse the patient treatment. 
  • Be psychologically ready for full jaw reconstruction.
  • Have a level of dental disease appropriate for the EvoSolutionTM
  • Be a non-smoker
  • Not have severe dental phobias, including needles, severe gag reflex and the need for either general anaesthetic or IV sedation* for any part of the journey.
  • Not have a compromised medical status that we feel will compromise long term predictability and performance. For example; people who have taken steroids for a prolonged period of time, people with very poor oral hygiene.

EvoSolution™ Packages of Care - Warranty Terms & Conditions

Your Commitments to Us

  • You (the patient) must adhere to and follow the advice and judgement of the Evo clinical team
  • You (the patient) must maintain a meticulous standard of home care, oral hygiene and maintenance techniques. Treatment is only the starting point and what happens after your treatment is also important to the short, medium and long term success of your implants.
  • You (the patient) must adhere to the treatment plan timeframes and not deviate from Evo treatment package of care. Evo, however, reserve the right to amend the treatment plan as necessary, based on changing clinical criteria.  Human biology is dynamic, and as such, Evo may need to adapt to these changes.
  • You (the patient) must attend all Annual Maintenance appointments.
    • Your annual maintenance appointments are for us to check that the integration of your implants is continuing and that the supporting structures (your bone and gums) are healthy.
    • Failure to attend your Annual Maintenance within your specified month will result in your warranty being null and void. We make no exceptions.
  • You (the patient) must not allow any dental care professional (other than an Evo clinician) to touch or adjust our Evo prosthetics, without a written request by email (from the clinician) and a written consent by email (from an Evo clinician). If our prosthetics are touched or adjusted, your warranty is null and void. We make no exceptions.
  • You (the patient) must provide us with a complete and accurate:
    • Medical history: and inform us immediately of any changes to this; including all changes to any medication you have been prescribed.
    • Contact details: and inform us immediately of any changes to this; including all changes to telephone numbers, email addresses or addresses.
  • If you (the patient) decide to discontinue or delay your treatment plan before it is complete, you must to pay any outstanding treatment costs incurred up to that date. You will not be required to pay anything for any treatment that has not been started. Delays to treatment may imply changes to your treatment plan and additional costs.

EvoSolution Packages™ of Care - Warranty Exclusions

  • Smokers Nicotine reduces success rates of implants by 30%. In the event of implant restoration failure, nicotine tests are carried out.
  • Patients with an outstanding balance on their account.
  • (For those who have elected to take out finance for their treatment), not maintaining the monthly finance payments.
  • Damage occurring as a consequence of further dental treatment, opposing jaw treatment, accidental damage/undue care (e.g., sport injuries, cracking nuts with teeth) and illness.
  • Patients who have taken steroids for a prolonged period of time. Steroids affect the immune system and healing process. The key ‘risky’ time is following an implant placement. Risk is mitigated by liaising with your GP to monitor/possibly adjust steroid intake around the time of surgical appointments.
  • Patients who complete their treatment plan at another dental practice
  • If a medication is prescribed by an Evo Clinician, and the patient chooses to not use or discontinue using it
  • (For patients who have teeth on the opposing side of their mouth). Our Annual Maintenance reviews do not replace the existing dental reviews that your own dentist undertakes for you on the rest of your remaining natural teeth on the opposing side of your mouth. It is very important to continue seeing your own General Dentist for ongoing reviews of the opposing natural teeth at intervals agreed with him or her. We also strongly recommend that you see your usual hygienist at least 2-3 times a year for hygiene therapy for your remaining natural teeth.

Our Commitment to our Patients

Dental treatment is an elective procedure, and as with all medical treatment it is essential that you have sufficient information to understand fully before you give your consent and commence treatment. As such, the Evo team will question you to ensure that your treatment expectations and wishes are understood, so that we can guide you appropriately.

Evo undertake a full clinical assessment with CBCT scan, and any other radiographs as necessary.  Your treatment options, the benefits and potential risks will be outlined.  Evo will also outline your aftercare commitments, the requirement to attend annual maintenance appointments, the costs, associated warranties and terms for payment.

A treatment plan will be agreed between you and Evo.  You will be required to sign to give your consent to the treatment before your treatment commences.  We respect your right to withdraw your consent at any time.

All Evo clinicians are registered with the General Dental Council and are fully indemnified to undertake the treatment associated with your treatment.  Evo are responsible for ensuring that your treatment is carried out appropriately, safely and in line with the best evidence currently available.

At each stage of your treatment we will give you detailed verbal and written aftercare instructions. It is imperative for the short, medium and long term success of your implants that you follow these instructions.  If there is anything you do not understand, just ask – and we provide you with the necessary support and information.

At each stage of your treatment, Evo will seek your ongoing consent to move to the next stage. If during your treatment, your Evo clinician feels that you need further or alternative or supporting treatment due to unforeseen circumstances, he or she will explain the reasons for this and seek your consent prior to commencing any treatment not detailed in your treatment plan.

Appointment rescheduling and cancellations

To allow us a reasonable amount of time to rebook the scheduled time with another patient:

  • If a non-surgical appointment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled, phone (not email or text) the clinic between 9am and 6pm a minimum of TWO working days’ notice before your appointment (i.e., for appointments on a Monday we ask that you reschedule or cancel on the previous Monday).
  • If your Rest Day (surgical) appointment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled, phone (not email or text) the clinic between 9am and 6pm a minimum of FIVE working days’ notice before your appointment (i.e., for appointments on a Monday we ask that you reschedule or cancel on the previous Thursday).

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee if you do not notify us within this time period.   If you give us this appropriate notice that you wish to reschedule or cancel, we will not charge you a cancellation fee.

Due to their critical nature and timing, the 6 Month Sign-off & DC1™ Reline and Annual Maintenance appointments cannot be cancelled. They can however be rescheduled within a month of their allocated schedule.

Clinical Assessment Appointment rescheduling or cancellation

Clinical Assessment appointments are provided free of charge for patients who are serious about proceeding with full jaw reconstruction in the immediate future. However, these appointments are not free for Evo.  We are very strict about patients who either fail to attend or cancel at short notice.  On scheduling the appointment, we require your credit card details to pre-authorise the appointment slot.

If you are going to be late for your appointment

Phone (not email) the clinic to let us know at least 1 hour before your appointment. If the phone is engaged, leave a voicemail and we will return your call.  If you are late for your appointment and have not let us know within this time period, we reserve the right to offer the appointment to another patient.

Email and SMS appointment reminders

Email & SMS appointment reminders are sent as a courtesy. As with all forms of electronic communication, email & SMS is not always reliable. In the event that an email or SMS is not received and you miss your appointment, a missed appointment fee may still be payable if you have not given us appropriate notice that you are unable to keep your appointment.

Evo use email as our main means of communication with patients, since it is the most effective means of communication.  With your email appointment reminders, it is important that you:

  • provide us with a working email address
  • save Evo as a ‘trusted’ sender (i.e., do not black-list us)
  • check your email frequently

Discontinuing an EvoSolution™ Package of Care

A full jaw or full mouth dental implant treatment plan requires a very good two-way professional and communicative relationship between the Evo team members and you, the patient. Both patient and the Evo clinician / team have the right to discontinue treatment at any time (e.g., in the event of a breakdown of communication), but not when the treatment is complete and Annual Maintenance appointments are outstanding.

Problems or urgent queries

Phone (not email) the clinic if you have any questions, concerns or queries – or if you have pain, discomfort, or have signs of infection such as redness or swelling. If the phone is engaged, leave a voicemail and we will return your call.

In clinical cases, you will be sent an email template to reply to, in order that we can receive the details of your problem in the most thorough way possible.

Please do not contact your own general dentist or a dentist from another clinic, as he/she will not have the appropriate knowledge or access to your clinical records.

If you need an emergency appointment, please phone so that we can try to find a time that suits you and does not clash with other booked appointments.  Please do not arrive unannounced at the clinic, as it is possible we may not be able to see you.

Treatment plan timeframe

Every care is taken by Evo to ensure we provide the best possible treatment for you. The provision of complex dental treatment is always, by its very nature, subject to individual variances. We always try to predict how long treatment rehabilitation will take so you can plan other aspects of your life with some degree of certainty.

The treatment timeframe is an estimated treatment time, not a definitive timeframe. Your treatment may take longer than we estimate or you may need additional appointments to achieve the best possible result.  We do not compensate in circumstances where additional appointments are required.

Let us know if you have any important dates in your diary (travel, holiday, wedding, work), we can plan appropriately.

Clinical information relating to your treatment

Why choose the Evolution SolutionTM?

A well placed, well maintained full jaw dental implant rehabilitations is an excellent long term treatment choice for replacing missing or failing teeth in those patients who are suitable.

Whilst an implant restoration is the closest you can get to a natural set of teeth, it is important to remember that they are natural teeth.

Full jaw dental implant rehabilitations are not the only alternative for people who have most or all of their teeth missing or failing. Alternatives include dentures and the option to do nothing.  Dentures are removable and many patients struggle to adapt to the feeling of having a foreign object in their mouths or they fear the denture may fall out and cause embarrassment. Dentures also cause damage to the underlying bone and can act as plaque traps, leading to gum disease.

EvoSolution™ - Benefits

  • Smile with confidence
  • No bone grafting or sinus lifts required
  • Extremely high success rates
  • Feels more natural than a denture
  • Very stable. Speak without embarrassment of a denture moving about
  • No inconvenience or cost of denture fixative
  • Very comfortable. No gum irritation
  • Eat what you want to eat, chew easily. Improved diet and health
  • Improved speech. No lisping
  • Cost effective over the long term

EvoSolution™ - Implant component materials

Your implants are the anchors, the foundation of the ‘restoration’ that you will see in your mouth.

At Evo, we use our own proprietary dental implant components.  They are made from titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V (grade 5) and Ti-6Al-4V ELI (grade 23), manufactured to Evo specifications.

EvoSolution™ - The three restorations

Evo restorations are manufactured in EvoLab3D, our in-house laboratories to extremely high standards, and all adhere to the Medical Devices Directive directives.

You will be provided with three progressively refined (zero palate) implant-retained prostheses:

  • DeProgrammer™. A 3D printed prostheses fitted on Reset Day.  It ‘De-Programs’ your bite, serves to protect the surgical site during healing (forcing the tongue away) and controls swelling
  • ReProgrammer™. A 5-axis CNC machine-milled prosthesis. It is fitted 2 weeks after Reset Day. It ‘Re-Programs’ your bite even further.
  • DC1™. A 5-axis CNC machine-milled metal-bar reinforced prosthesis.  It is fitted 6 weeks after Reset Day.  Machined to 5 micron accuracy.  It is a very robust, anatomically designed monoblock polymer veneer (PMMA – Polymethyl methacrylate) prosthesis

Radiographs, CBCT scans, Photos and Video/Audio Files

In order to give you the most optimum outcome, Evo work with rich data (X-ray, photo, and video/audio).  All data is confidential, and used in-house only.

With signed agreement of your treatment plan / consent document, you are providing your permission to Evo to take photographs, audio and video throughout your treatment plan and that any photographs taken may be used to demonstrate techniques to others.

All radiographs and CBCT scans are the property of Evo. Patients (who have proceeded with treatment) are welcome to a free copy of their radiographs or CBCT scans

Anaesthesia and Sedation

  • All surgical treatment is carried out under local, not general anaesthesia.
  • We also provide oral sedation (Temazepam).

Use of general anaesthetic or intravenous (IV) sedation

For those patients who are phobic, we do not provide IV (intravenous) sedation.

  • The EvoSolutionTM is not designed for people with severe dental phobia, including needle phobia (not needle anxiety) and gag reflex (associated with taking moulds of the mouth)
  • The EvoSolutionTM is a precise and exacting process, where patient cooperation is critical for optimal precision implant placement, bite record taking and prosthesis placement.
  • Evo understand that for certain patients either a general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation (IV) is essential for them to ‘get through’ dental procedures. There are clinics that perform procedures where general anaesthetic or intravenous (IV) sedation is possible


Success rates

Implant surgery is complex, patients bodies are unique and (as with any type of surgery) don’t always respond in the same way. This means that long-term success cannot be predicted or guaranteed; however published research into long term implant osseointegration (bonding of implants to bone) shows that success rates are usually around 95%.

As with all medical and surgical treatment, there are many benefits and also associated risks. During your clinical assessment, these are explained to you.  There is no method to accurately predict how gum or bone will heal. If implants fail to integrate, it typically occurs 4-6 months post-placement and is usually associated with natural rejection by the body’s immune system.

There is a risk of failure of implant components, PMMA restorations, and a possibility of bone loss and gum shrinkage.  Such events are usually due to biological factors and cannot be predicted.

During extractions and implant procedures there is a risk of damage to the nerves that supply sensation to your teeth, lips and tongue.  This leads to numbness or tingling. This usually resolves itself quickly, although occasionally it takes longer and only rarely is it permanent.

Implants and restorations are subject to wear and tear as time goes by. Depending upon the amount of wear, the need for replacement may arise.

In the back of the upper jaw, there is a risk of sinus perforation.  This can lead to sinusitis.

Patients who suffer from diabetes or who are taking certain medication are at increased risk of implant failure.

Smoking (including chewing tobacco)

Nicotine reduces the success rates of implants by 30% and increases the risk of post-surgery discomfort.  Smokers must quit prior to starting treatment at Evo.  In the event of implant restoration failure, nicotine tests are carried out.

Oral hygiene

Failure to maintain meticulous standard of home care and oral hygiene poses a significant risk to success of implants.  You must follow your aftercare and home care instructions and advice. If you do this you are giving your implants the best chance of succeeding. If you don’t, there is every chance that your implants will fail.