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At Evodental, we want to demystify the whole process so that anyone considering treatment knows what will happen and what to expect. We hope these video diaries give encouragement to anyone who is currently in the same position.

Gillion Rock, age 49, Leeds

Treatment: Evo 1-Day Smile, upper
Surgery time: 2 hours
Video running time: 21 minutes
Video transcript

We met Gillion when she was rebuilding her life after an abusive relationship. Years of physical abuse coupled with dental neglect had left her teeth in a bad state. She was missing all top molars and her front teeth were becoming loose. She found it difficult to eat, but more significant for Gillion was her lack of confidence and embarrassment at the way her teeth looked.

When she first came to see us for her free consultation, she hid her mouth behind her hand so as not to show her teeth, and told us that she rarely smiled. She was understandably scared by the thought of implant treatment, but was nevertheless determined to take control of the situation before her remaining teeth worsened further.

This is Gillion’s account of her implant journey; what led her to consider Evodental, her consultation, her treatment day, and her final “life-changing” results.

James Johnson, age 45, London

Treatment: Evo 1-Day Smile, upper
Surgery time: 2 hours
Video running time: 13 minutes
Video transcript

James’ dental problems started over 10 years ago, when he developed painful and bleeding gums. He was distressed to find that more and more of his teeth were becoming loose and having to be extracted by his dentist. James’ job is very customer-facing, and he was embarrassed when talking to people. He was tired of hiding his teeth by covering his mouth and making sure he didn’t laugh. He suffered pain and discomfort, and had to be careful about what he ate, always choosing soft options.

James did not take the decision to have implant treatment lightly. When he made the call to us, he had been researching his condition and treatment options for 3 years and only had three teeth remaining in his top jaw. James came for a free consultation and said he left us feeling as if a weight had been lifted from him.

In this video, James talks about his reasons for going ahead with full jaw implants, why he chose Evodental and his treatment journey through to when he saw his new teeth and finally felt like himself again – or rather as he was 10 years ago.

Robert Beazer, age 61, Cardiff

Treatment: Evo 1-Day Smile, upper
Surgery time: 2 hours
Video running time: 10 minutes
Video transcript

Robert had been unhappy with his smile for many years because of his missing teeth. Numerous gaps made him feel self-conscious about his appearance, uncomfortable in social gatherings and reluctant to smile, even with friends and family. As well as being embarrassed about his teeth, Robert’s dental problems also meant that he found great difficulty in eating and was forced to chew in such a way that his remaining teeth were becoming weaker. Robert had had regular check-ups with his dentist and basic dental work, but felt that his dentist was unable to advise him on treatment options for the underlying problem of his missing teeth. He subsequently spent years researching dental implants and considered having treatment in several UK clinics as well as going abroad.

In this video, Robert talks about why he decided to have treatment at Evodental, his experience of the consultation and treatment days, and how he feels a few months after having his implants fitted.

William Dutton, age 72, Liverpool

Treatment: Evo 1-Day Smile, upper and lower
Surgery time: 3.5 hours
Video running time: 7 minutes
Video transcript

William believed his dental problems started over 30 years ago when he was treated with dental work which included crowns and a bridge. Subsequently, the crowns failed and the bridge broke, so he was fitted with a full denture Like so many denture-wearers that we treat, William found his denture to be uncomfortable, inconvenient and embarrassing. He stopped laughing, had difficulty eating, and found that it had an overwhelmingly negative effect on his life.

William’s story tells how he felt before having implant treatment at Evodental, the procedure itself, and how he feels the Evo 1-Day Smile has transformed his life.

Susan Taylor, age 50, Wrexham

Treatment: : Evo 1-Day Smile, upper
Surgery time: 2 hours
Video running time: 27 minutes

Susan had ongoing dental problems from a young age. She wore a partial denture, which she said was “like having a brick in my mouth”, but was facing more dental work which would result in a full upper denture. She already had trouble eating, unable to eat the foods she enjoyed, and had suffered many embarrassing moments due to the state of her teeth.

Susan’s job was customer-facing, dealing with professional business clients, but she was continually worried about how she appeared because of her teeth. Her confidence was totally lacking and she never smiled for fear of showing her teeth. Susan had considered having implant treatment in Poland, before her internet search led her to Evodental.

When Susan came to the centre for her free consultation, she was introduced to the different people who would be working on her treatment case; from the clinical practitioners to the technical and prosthetic teams. A 3D x-ray scan was taken of her mouth and she had a consultation with her surgical practitioner to discuss her problems and treatment options. Susan was given an Evo 1-Day Smile treatment plan for her upper jaw.

On the day of the procedure, Susan arrived at the clinic feeling a little apprehensive but quite optimistic. She was greeted by the team and was able to relax with her pre-meds before being called to the treatment room. Her clinical team talked to her all the way through the procedure as her remaining teeth were removed and the implants fitted, explaining what was happening and putting her at ease. Susan says, “I’ve always had a hatred of needles and for me that was the worst bit. Once it was over, it was very, very relaxing.”

After the procedure, Susan was surprised at how well she felt as she relaxed in her private recovery suite, eating ice cream and waiting for her new teeth to be made by the on-site lab team. At the end of the day, she was fitted with her new teeth, which she describes as being “absolutely fantastic”. She then returned to her hotel and enjoyed an evening meal.

In the following days, Susan experienced a little swelling but no bruising. She says, “By Wednesday, I was back up meeting and greeting my customers. The difference, the confidence that I had walking in to see them was absolutely amazing.” As well as her returned confidence, Susan now can’t stop smiling and is enjoying a new chapter in her life.

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Leigh Falconer

From day one everyone at Evodental helped to try and make me feel comfortable and relaxed. There was no pressure during the free consultation to make a final decision I was asked to go home, consider everything we had discussed and let them know my decision when I was ready. My new teeth are fantastic, I can now smile without hiding my mouth. First class treatment, from a first class team!

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Katie Harrison

Excellent service all staff are lovely very professional 👍🏻

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