William Dutton, age 72, Liverpool

Video transcript

My dental problems started when I was about 42. I started with a bridge, two crowns, and a load of steel in the bottom of my mouth. And then the crown went, one crown went, the bridge got broken and then the problems really started, because he had to put like a full denture right along the right-hand side of my mouth. And it was awful. It was awful. I never felt so bad. I wasn‘t laughing, not jovial, nothing, you know. It was just horrible.

And eating food became very difficult. If I was eating a scone, the bottom one used to stick to the scone. And there is nothing worse when you are out in a little restaurant, is it? And you are having to take them out and clean them, put them in a hanky, and then just carry eating with the top part. It was horrible. And the most embarrassing things about my dental situation was when you were trying to kiss a bit. I‘m telling you, you don‘t go putting your tongue in her mouth with all that. It used to be [inaudible 00:01:19]. What can you say? There you go.

And it had a very negative effect on my life. It did. Because I am one of the most happiest guys, go on jovial and laughing and all that, and it just wasn‘t me. People didn‘t believe that it was me anymore.

And then I was searching for a solution and I met a lovely little lady named Jenny who sent me to Mr. Vijay. It changed my life, boy! What a nice man. Oh, he has done wonders for me. He has done wonders for me. He did, honestly. The things I could say. I booked him for the free consultation at Evo Dental and got an appointment in a matter of, it didn‘t take me long, I can‘t remember how long, but it didn‘t take me long. And I was in and done. You know, it was great. My confidence was up there, up there. What else can you say because, I‘ll tell you what, it was brilliant. I‘ll never look back. It was great. And you can tell my confidence looking at me now.

On the morning of the surgery, I came here, he took me in, told me I had no problems. I wasn‘t worried about nothing because I knew everything was going to be okay. You know what I mean? I was all right. I was sound. I wasn‘t frightened or nothing. It was great. I was glad to get in the chair and get done. I was in the chair for about just over an hour, I think, maybe between about an hour, an hour and a half. But it was brilliant. No pain, no nothing. Nothing. Honest.

After surgery, I felt great. I went into the little room downstairs. Put the cold things on me. No swelling. I had no pain, no swelling, nothing. Nothing at all. I never felt nothing. I never felt a thing. I was there. I was there, I was doing a twelve-hour holiday. But it didn‘t matter. I knew what was coming and I was happy. I had my bridge fitted and I will tell you what, I felt great. I nearly skipped home, but Steve took me home in the Mercedes instead. Because I like to walk, but he took me home in the Mercedes. And I will tell you what, I never felt like that for a long, long time. The way I felt, it was absolutely fabulous.

I‘ve had nice things, people say. “How old are you, Bill?” I say 72. He said, “You only look about 58.” So I said “Oh, yeah, you can come to the party.” Since the treatment, I have just felt better and better and better. And I am dressing myself again now like I used to when I was in my 20s because these are like the ‘60s suits, the silk [inaudible 00:04:23]. And I am on top now. And I will never look back. Mr. Vijay, he is the best thing I have ever met in my life. He is great. Yes, he is great. And these dentures is absolutely fabulous. It is fabulous.

I can eat properly now. Yeah, I can eat properly. No embarrassment. No nothing. I eat lovely. The spaghetti goes down your teeth, it doesn‘t hang on the teeth. I‘m smiling now more than ever. I‘m just so happy. What can you say about happiness? There it is, boy. There it is there. And all the compliments, you get all the compliments. I can‘t tell you about the best though. I would recommend here the 1 Day Smile procedure from Evo Dental to anyone ,anyone. And that man, that man upstairs, is brilliant. Mr. Vijay, thank you very much.