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Who is eligible for full-mouth dental implants in the Bristol area?

Dentures are a reliable, routinely suggested option for mass tooth loss or failure. Some patients, however, find dentures uncomfortable, and wearing them brings extra problems, like slippage in the mouth while talking or eating and painful sores.

As such, EvoDental has developed an advanced alternative to all on 4 dental implants, specifically designed for patients with complex needs, including:

  • Those considering or who already have poorly fitting dentures – which are frequently advised as a last resort
  • Dental injury or trauma
  • Missing teeth – including the loss of the upper or lower, or both, jaws worth of teeth
  • Substantial pre-existing dental work, such as crowns or bridges
  • Severe gum disease
  • Low bone quantity and quality that might make fitting dental implants impossible
  • Those who have been turned down for implants in the past

EvoDental clinics are staffed by an expert team, experienced in providing full-mouth dental implants in Bristol and the surrounding areas, for almost any patient who needs them – regardless of the condition of their current dental health and pre-existing conditions.

How much do dental implants cost?

While browsing for ‘dental implant prices near me,’ you will soon notice an array of possible prices.

Generally speaking, on average, you can expect to pay:

  • EvoSolution™ ‘smile in a day’ costs – a clinic-specific solution where single jaws worth of missing teeth start at £9,300, or £17,600-£29,000 for both the upper and lower jaw.
  • All on 4 dental implant prices – between £17,000 – £35,000 for both jaws.

The cost of dental implants from other providers can vary, generally based on the following factors:

  • The type of treatment you choose
  • When your dental prosthesis will be fitted
  • How long it takes to mill your prosthesis

However, this is not true for ‘smile in a day’ dental implants from EvoDental.

Our EvoSolution™ ‘smile in a day’ prices are optimised and freely available to view on our website, allowing us to provide an individual treatment to each patient, with a full-mouth dental implant arch, fitted in a single day with a bespoke prosthesis.

For more information, why not browse our pricing and financing and payment plan pages?

EvoSolution 'smile in a day' dental implants Bristol treatment options

  1. dental_implants_bristol_evoessential


    EvoEssential™ Designed to restore critical chewing function to patients that otherwise face a lifetime of wearing dentures. Subject to anatomy, 4 implants are placed towards the front of the jaw, which supports a bridge made of medical-grade polymer reinforced by a titanium framework. This is sufficient for a functional and healthy bite.

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  2. dental_implants_bristol_evoadvanced


    This provides additional implant support towards the back of the jaw, reducing biomechanical stress on the teeth from chewing, and allowing for a bridge with more teeth which enhances aesthetics with a fuller smile. Additional implants may be placed in the molar area, or at the very back of the jaw in an area called the Pterygoid region, which is a highly advanced technique for which we are Industry Leaders and teach dentists across the world.

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  3. dental_implants_bristol_evoultimate


    Engineered from Zirconia, a very hard ceramic material, this is our strongest bridge. This is ideal for patients with little bone, severe gum disease, or worn teeth. The ceramic material can be hand-characterised to give the EvoUltimate even more aesthetic finesse and realism than EvoAdvanced or EvoEssential.

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*anatomy dependent

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace all of my missing teeth with teeth implants?

If you are living with mass tooth loss, including the loss of your upper or lower jaws – or both – EvoDental can help.

The EvoDental multi-disciplinary team focuses solely on whole jaw rehabilitation, helping patients with complex cases to get the full jaw dental implant treatment they need – regardless of their dental circumstances.

This is possible thanks to the EvoSolution, the advanced alternative to all on 4 dental implants.

Do dental implants outlast natural teeth?

In an ideal world, your natural teeth should last you a lifetime.

But this isn’t always the case, and many things can mean that your natural teeth fail – resulting in you needing dental implant treatment options. Common reasons for tooth failure include trauma, gum disease, or diet and lifestyle factors.

The good news is, if cared for correctly, replacing your missing teeth with dental implants can give you teeth that can last for decades to come, especially if you follow all aftercare instructions and keep on top of your dental hygiene.

Can EvoDental fit multiple dental implants?

As part of the EvoSolution™, we use between 4-6 teeth implants, permanently replacing missing teeth and restoring a whole arch’s worth of failing teeth with between 10-12 individual teeth.

This is based on your individual anatomy and which EvoSolution™ dental implant treatment you choose.

If you are unsure about which option is best for you – our expert implantologists can advise and offer bespoke advice once they have examined your mouth during your free consultation.

I have a single missing tooth - can I get a dental implant?

As we focus on providing full-jaw rehabilitation, it isn’t possible to get single teeth implants from EvoDental if you have only one missing tooth.

However, if you have failing teeth, you can consider professional extraction, which would allow you to replace your missing tooth and any remaining teeth that are beginning to become unsteady.

If you want to find out if you are suitable for the EvoSolution™, why not contact our Patient Coordinators for more information?

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