Why choose dentures?

More often than not, people opt to have dentures because they’ve been advised they are not a good candidate for dental implants. Without getting a second opinion from a dental implant specialist, such as EvoDental, they usually just go ahead with the dentures, without realising there is a much better option out there for them.

But dentures come with a lot of downsides, including:

  • there is no way of knowing what the dentures will look like until they have been fitted
  • they can become loose and be ill fitting
  • gums can be sore and uncomfortable
  • bone can be lost when teeth are missing and having dentures doesn’t stimulate bone growth, causing muscle loss around the mouth
  • the entire roof of the mouth is covered with a palette, which makes it difficult to taste food and drink, as well as causing problems with speech
  • denture wearers can see a reduction in quality of life
  • use of adhesive, that needs to be cleaned off every night
  • can affect the types of foods that can be eaten – certain foods also get stuck underneath dentures, making gums uncomfortable and sore
  • they can wear away, so will need to be replaced over the years

Why choose dental implants?

What are Dentutres?

The better question is why not choose dental implants? With the many reasons there are not to choose dentures, there are more reasons to choose dental implants – making them an ideal denture alternative. These include:

  • immediate results – as soon as the dental implants are in, you will see your smile transform straightaway
  • look like natural teeth
  • function like normal teeth, allowing you to eat foods you may not have eaten for a while
  • doesn’t affect your speech function like dentures do as your palate is not covered and your tongue can move freely – in fact they can improve it compared to what you may be used to if you had loose, misshaped, or misaligned teeth
  • they can last a lifetime, as long as they are cared for properly, including daily flossing and brushing
  • prevent bone loss – the implant in the jawbone can preserve bone growth
  • they can help keep you free from gum disease – no awkward gaps in your mouth make it harder for bacteria to be trapped and regular brushing of your dental implants will keep your mouth clean and healthy
  • can prevent facial sagging – your facial structure will be better supported, thus the appearance around your jaw and mouth can be improved, where missing teeth may have changed it
  • improves confidence and self-esteem – where you may have previously avoided social situations because you were hiding your mouth, you can now be the life and soul of the party with your new smile
  • no need for adhesives – dental implants require less work than dentures! They are permanently fixed into the jaw, so this eradicates the need for messy and time-consuming adhesives
  • no shifting or slipping – being fixed into the jaw means there is no chance they will slip or fall out of your mouth – something which is a common downside to dentures

We can help

Thanks to our on-site, state-of-the-art laboratories, our specialist team craft one-piece, screw-retained prosthetics, which are completely bespoke to you. As an advanced alternative to the traditional all-on-four dental implants, our EvoSolution, can also make use of two extra pterygoid implants, as a resolution to challenging dental situations.

Our denture alternatives in Liverpool are unique and it only takes 90-minutes for us to deem you suitable. Our completely FREE consultation allows us to take Cone beam CT scans, which provide us with an accurate picture of your dental situation. If you’re suitable for our alternative to dentures, we will then go through pricing and the process with you.

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