How do on-site labs help?

The vast majority of dental practices in the UK which offer dental implant treatments similar in concept to EvoDental’s smile-in-a-day treatment need the support of an external lab to deliver their service.

This means that patients need to wait a period of time, usually a few weeks, between their day of surgery and receiving their new set of teeth- which then generally means wearing dentures in the meantime.

To remove this necessity, each one of EvoDental’s purpose-built clinics has a dedicated, on-site dental laboratory. With state-of-the-art CAD/CAM computers, cutting-edge milling machines and a team of devoted experts, these labs ensure that each one of our patients receives the very best treatment within the shortest timeframe possible.

As well as this, our lab teams, which comprise dental technicians who are amongst the most experienced with implants in the UK, are always evaluating and developing our internal technology and techniques in conjunction with external providers in order to make our treatment even more beneficial for every patient.

Their goal is to help patients achieve the best teeth implants in the UK.

Throughout the patient’s journey with EvoDental, our entire team of dental professionals support them in every way. From the initial consultation all the way through to routine maintenance, the lab department works hand-in-hand with the clinicians and nurses to achieve the best outcome for every single patient. Rather than one clinician taking ownership of the case, each patient has a dedicated and devoted team for their entire journey with EvoDental- our goal is to ensure patients receive the best dental implants and experience possible.

Step 1 - Initial consultation and planning

When a patient visits for their free, 90-minute consultation, part of the process involves taking a CBCT X-ray scan of their mouth. After this, patients spend time in conversation with the clinician, discussing their medical history, unique circumstances, and their aspirations for how their new teeth should look.

This approach is a way to help patients feel at ease and soothe particularly nervous cases. Our patients have commented that this level of transparency and communication makes them feel that EvoDental is one of the best places to get dental implants. This is spoken about by our patients, in their Trustpilot reviews.

Using this information, the dental technicians in the lab will begin the process of designing the patient’s new prosthesis. This takes everything into account, and the accuracy of the CBCT scan combined with the team’s experience means that this process is done carefully and accurately.

At this time, the patient will be living their day-to-day lives, preparing for the day of their surgery and are able to contact EvoDental at any time to ask any questions they might have.

Once the initial design has been refined and readied, all of the information and steps taken so far are reviewed by both the clinical and technical departments in a meeting called an MDT or multi-disciplinary team meeting. During this time, the clinicians will work with the technicians and make the final amends to the design of the prosthesis before the day of surgery.

This is necessary because every single prosthesis is completely bespoke and unique to the individual patient. Everyone’s case is different, and at the MDT the clinicians and technicians collaborate to produce a perfect prosthesis.

The locations where the patient’s dental implants will be placed are planned and confirmed– all of these measures ensure accuracy as well as the optimal outcome for the patient. The entire process thus far means that everything has been planned and prepared for, with every member of the team knowing exactly what will be done in advance of the surgery.

Step 2 – Day of surgery and manufacturing the prosthesis

When the day of surgery comes, the patient’s damaged or failing teeth will be removed and their new implants are placed, all in the space of a few hours in the morning.

A part of the surgery involves taking scans of the implant’s final placement using a technique called photogrammetry. This uses a special, hyper-accurate scanner to create a digital impression of where the implants are located in the patient’s mouth.

The technical team then immediately compare this with the CBCT X-ray scan which was done at the consultation and overlays the final placement of the implants with the planned location. If any alterations need to be made at this point, they are done so right away.

Due to the accuracy of the planning, these alterations are normally only very slight, and having a digital impression taken both before and during the surgery creates the means to design a perfectly fitting set of prosthetic teeth.

Immediately afterwards, the clinician who performed the surgery will visit the technical team and review the final design of the prosthesis before the manufacturing process begins. This saves time and helps to ensure that the prosthesis fits as well as it can straight away, reducing the likelihood of future alterations.

As an advanced alternative to a treatment like all on 4 dental implants, each one of our labs has several state-of-the-art milling machines, and these are able to produce a completely bespoke set of prosthetic teeth in just a few hours. The accuracy of the scans, design and capabilities of the milling machines means that on the day of surgery, the prosthesis will benefit the patient as soon as it is fitted. We aim to provide patients with the best dental implants, and we have carefully optimised, enhanced and developed our treatment to give them the best outcome possible.

The material used is a medical grade polymer, PMMA, poly-methyl-methacrylate, which has been specifically selected to ensure that it is not only strong, durable, and lightweight, but looks and feels just like a natural set of teeth.

As the prosthesis will later be fixed onto the dental implants placed during the morning’s surgery, it will allow the patient to enjoy a fully functional set of teeth, as well as having a smile transformation that will immediately change their life.

Step 3 - Finishing touches and fitting

Thus far, the entire lab process has taken place in our digital lab. After the short time it takes to manufacture the prosthesis at our facility, it then moves to what we call our analogue lab. This is the artisan department where the prosthetic teeth come to life as our talented technicians layer gum, polish, and finish the prosthesis to ensure it looks exactly like natural teeth.

The technicians will then make the final quality and fit checks to ensure that everything is perfect, before taking the prosthesis to the treatment room where the clinician will fit them onto the patient’s new dental implants.

This only takes a short time, and immediately following the fit the patient will see their brand-new smile for the first time!

Afterwards, patients are ready to leave for the day, all patients will receive their first of 2 gift bags (the second being when they receive their definitive prosthesis), which contain all items needed to help them to look after their new teeth and rest after the day’s events. This includes a toothbrush, special mouthwash and toothpaste, care instructions, and even a blanket to help them rest!

Where are the best dental implants near me?

Dental implants from EvoDental are a viable denture alternative, and each year we perform over 1,000 full-mouth dental implant treatments across our four nationwide, purpose-built clinics.

Our UK- based smile-in-a-day dental implant clinics feature purpose-built, on-site dental laboratories, staffed by expert, experienced engineers and technicians who work toward the goal of providing the best dental implants, teeth, and outcome for each individual patient. These clinics can be found in:

  • London Heathrow, just off the M4
  • Liverpool, next to the M62 and M57
  • Leeds, adjacent to the M1
  • Birmingham, near the M42

Our London Harley Street clinic is used for consultations only.

In each purpose-built clinic, our dental implant experts work to help patients to restore full, healthy, and functional smiles every day. Each clinic is easy to find and access, and you can request your free consultation there now.

Clinic Map - Evo Dental

Travelling far to visit us at EvoDental?

If you are coming a long way for your treatment, we are happy to provide a stay in one of the partner hotels free of charge. *

As mentioned, each one of our clinics is easy to access and has plenty of free, on-site parking. If you have any questions before you visit, you can always speak to any member of the team for help.

*Our Harley Street clinic is available for consultations only, a free hotel stay is not included.

Lab Processes FAQs

Is PMMA durable enough for smile-in-a-day dental implants?

PMMA, is a medical-grade polymer that is well-suited for prosthesis work because of its particular characteristics.  These include:

  • Transparent, gloss finishes
  • Rigidity and dimensional stability
  • Hardness and resistance to scratching

All of these qualities make it perfect for medical and dental applications, including dental implant prostheses.

For more information on the materials we use in our EvoSolution™ dental implants, you can use our live chat or send us an email and we will help answer any questions you have.

Does the lab work cost extra for your advanced alternative to all on 4 dental implants?

A key benefit of an on-site lab means that prices per prosthesis can be considerably lower, as we can complete any technical work ourselves, in-house.

As we only provide this one treatment, our entire setup is designed to be as optimised as possible, and our pricing is always transparent.

How do I look after my dental implants and prosthesis?

After you have been fitted with your smile-in-a-day dental implants, you will be given a gift bag that contains everything you need to look after your prosthesis.

This includes:

  • A toothbrush
  • Special mouthwash
  • Toothpaste
  • Care instructions
  • A blanket

Your clinician will give you full advice on the day and will also provide written care instructions, so you know exactly what to expect and how to care for your teeth.

If you feel you need advice at any time, feel free to give us a call.

Will I meet the lab technicians who have helped to design and manufacture my smile?

Patients often want to meet the technicians involved in the creation of their new smile and thank them personally.

All colleagues at EvoDental are devoted to the health and happiness of our patients, ans it’s always a pleasure to meet, as well as learn more about how the patient is getting along with their new smile and see if anything can be gone to enhance it further. lives.

Patients comment that they have often felt it easy to build a rapport and friendship with the team at EvoDental, making it much easier when they come back in for routine maintenance or check-ups.

To hear what our patients make of their treatment from EvoDental, read our excellent Trustpilot reviews or watch our patient video testimonials.

Lab Process Videos

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