What Are All-On-Four Dental Implants

As a permanent solution for both upper and lower jaw teeth, this innovative dental procedure involves using four to six screws and a precision-engineered fixed full-arch dental implant. Without the need – in most cases – for bone grafts or sinus lifts – all-on-four dental Birmingham, are fitted in just one day!

Reasons to choose all-on-four dental implants

There may be a number of reasons of why you think all-on-four dental implants Birmingham are right for you. You may have lost teeth due to gum disease, tooth decay or even an injury to your mouth, which has left you with no confidence when it comes to your smile.

Whatever your reasons for choosing all-on-four dental implants Birmingham, there are many benefits to doing so:

  • they look and function like normal teeth
  • you can eat what you want – when you want
  • you can restore and retain the natural shape of your face
  • bone can be preserved and even stimulated to grow
  • there is no need for specialist care

From the minute you come to see us for your free, full clinical consultation to see if you are suitable for all-on-four dental implants, we provide the highest levels of care!

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Book a free consultation at our Solihull clinic

If you are interested in all-on-four dental implants in Birmingham, you can always arrange to visit our Solihull clinic for a free consultation.

The Solihull clinic is located on Homer Rd, just on the edge of the town centre next to the Touchwood shopping centre. It’s easy to get to via all means of transport, and has ample free parking on-site.

Your Treatment Journey With EvoDental

Free, Full Clinical Consultation

During your 90-minute consultation, we will firstly talk to you about why you want the dental implants and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about having all-on-four dental implants Birmingham.

During this appointment, we will take detailed dental and medical history notes and perform a conebeam CT scan (CBCT), which will give us a full and complete picture of any existing teeth, dentures and bone density.

We will also get one of our Evo patient coordinators to talk through finance and scheduling options with you – our clear and transparent pricing structure is one of the most competitive in the all-on-four dental implants market.

You will then have some time to consider your options and if you decide to choose all-on-four dental implants Birmingham, we will then validate your treatment consent. Your treatment journey is going to look something like this:

Dental implant pricing

We have worked hard to make our all on four dental implant costs clear and transparent, with no hidden costs. We have also tried to make our treatment options as accessible for everyone as possible, with finance options being available.


  1. EvoEssential™

    £9,300 Single Jaw
    £17,600 Both Jaws

  2. EvoAdvanced™

    £13,800 Single Jaw
    £23,800 Both Jaws

  3. EvoUltimate™

    £17,600 Single Jaw
    £29,000 Both Jaws

The Treatment Process At EvoDental

  • Surgery day

On your smile-in-a-day surgery day, you will be taken to your own private patient suite, where your Evo nurse will get you settled in and help you if you have any concerns or queries.

You will then have any remaining teeth extracted, pain-free, whilst you are under sedation and the all-on-four dental implants will be placed.

In the afternoon, you will relax and recover in your own private patient suite while your bespoke initial prosthesis is being made in our on-site lab.

Later on in the day, the prosthetic will then be placed, and you will leave with your first set of fixed teeth, which will allow you to eat and smile with confidence.

  • 12-14 weeks later

After some time has passed and your final prosthesis has been designed by our expert engineers using advanced technology, hand-finished by our artisan technicians, we will fit your final prosthesis.

This period of time allows the implants to fully integrate in your mouth before the final bridge – that is reinforced, slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing – is fitted.

  • Six-month sign-off

At this point, we will check that your implants have fully integrated with your jawbone and the prosthesis is performing a proper chewing function. If required, we will improve and refine the fit against your natural, healed gum.

  • Maintenance

As with natural teeth, it’s important that you brush your dental impacts twice a day and use floss, to make sure that there is no build up of plaque and to ensure that your gums remain healthy.

As such, we encourage you to visit us every few months to make sure that you are maintaining your all-on-four dental implants Birmingham and for us to take any x-rays, screen for oral cancer and perform soft tissue checks.

All-on-four dental implants in Solihull

We have developed an innovative treatment that involves new implant techniques, such as placing pterygoid and zygomatic implants, which negate the need for bone grafts or sinus lifts, in most cases.

At EvoDental, we provide a free, full clinical consultation with one of our clinical experts and if you are looking for all-on-four dental implants in Birmingham, you can come and see us at our Solihull Clinic. We will assess your suitability and let you know on the same day if you are a candidate for our advanced alterative to all-on-four dental implants or not.

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