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EvoDental have been performing full mouth dental implants in London for the last 15 years. Our expert clinicians perform more than a thousand treatments a year across our UK clinics, including helping patients across the South. We are highly specialised as we don’t perform any other type of dentistry work – concentrating only on one or both full jaw implants.

EvoDental differs from other practices, as each one of our clinics has a dedicated in-house dental laboratory. Our process, and innovative digital workflow allows us to create and fit a patient’s personal prosthetic, all on the day of surgery, this enables us to give you a brand-new smile, in just one day.

We have clinics in Harley Street and Heathrow Airport

EvoDental has 2 clinics based in London, with both being easily accessible and conveniently located.

Our Harley St clinic is dedicated to carrying out our free consultations, and is found close to Regents Park. EvoDental’s Heathrow clinic is adjacent to the airport, and can be reached easily via any means of transportation. The Heathrow clinic carries out all parts of our full mouth dental implants treatment in London.

Benefits of choosing EvoSolution

There are many key reasons people decide to have full mouth dental implants, including the following:

  • As they are anchored firmly into the bone, our dental implants mimic the root of a real tooth.
  • They are as strong as natural teeth and will be a firm, comfortable fit in your mouth
  • They not only mimic natural teeth in the way they look and function, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. With the EvoSolution, patients have a choice of 6 shades
  • You will be able to bite, chew and eat as normal. Patients who have full mouth dental implants in London comment that they can eat better than they have in years!
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence

Affordable full mouth dental implants in London

Here at EvoDental, our prices start at £9,300 for a full, single jaw. We have clear, transparent pricing that aims to keep costs both achievable and reasonable. We also have finance options available to suit your budget – you can see the options on our pricing and financing page and our full-mouth dental implant costs page.

  1. EvoEssential™

    £9,300 Single Jaw
    £17,600 Both Jaws

  2. EvoAdvanced™

    £13,800 Single Jaw
    £23,800 Both Jaws

  3. EvoUltimate™

    £17,600 Single Jaw
    £29,000 Both Jaws

The EvoSolution process

Choosing to turn to full mouth dental implants should always be a carefully considered decision. Our patient coordinators help new EvoDental patients understand the main benefits and reasons of why they might consider them as a solution. Some reasons include:

  • You’ve been told that dentures are your only option
  • You suffer with severe gum disease and periodontal disease
  • You’ve already undergone extensive dental work, including crowns and bridges
  • You have lost some of your natural teeth and have other teeth failing

If you’ve been told that you’re not suitable for dental implants, come and talk to us. We provide a free, no-obligation consultation – lasting approximately 90 minutes – with our clinical team, who will talk to you about your previous medical and dental history, as well as your expectations from the dental implant treatment.

A Cone Beam CT (CBCT) examination will take a scan of your entire dental structure, providing the in-house dentists with an accurate picture of your mouth and jaw. They will then talk to you about the financing and scheduling options regarding full mouth dental implants, once you have been deemed suitable for the procedure (you will be told there and then if you are suitable or not, with reasons for unsuitability explained).

Once you validate your treatment consent, our Computer-Aided Design (CAD)/ Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) technicians will digitally design and manufacture a template prosthetic for implantation on the day of your surgery.

On surgery day, you will have any remaining teeth extracted and the dental implants placed in your jaw. For one jaw, this will take about an hour – if you’re having both top and bottom jaw dental implants, then this can take around two hours.

You will leave the same day with a brand-new smile, and then return a few weeks later, once the implants have healed, for your final prosthetic fitting!

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