What’s Involved?

We offer a free initial, no obligation consultation, when you will learn all about our EvoSolution – a treatment that provides you with a full mouth of the advanced alternative all-on-four dental implants in one day.

We discuss anything that you are not sure of and we can tell you there and then if you are suitable for our EvoSolution. We have developed ground-breaking techniques in this area and we pass this expertise on to patients looking for dental implants in Essex.

As a patient of EvoDental, you will have access to our full, multi-disciplinary team (MDT), including Engineers, Scientists, Clinicians, Dental Nurses and Patient Co-ordinators, who will work closely with you to develop the best plan for you.


What is the all-on-four procedure?

When looking for dental implants in Essex, we provide an advanced alternative to all-on-four procedure. This innovative dental procedure is when four (or sometimes six) screws – and a precision-engineered, fixed full-arch dental implant – is used to provide you with a brand-new smile without the ordeal of each tooth being screwed into your jaw.

By using brand new and cutting-edge dental implant techniques, including placing pterygoid and zygomatic implants, this enables us to prevent the need of bone grafts or sinus lifts, as we only need minimum amounts of bone.



Why Choose The All-On-Four EvoSolution?

There are many reasons you should choose dental implants Essex:

  • missing teeth from gum or periodontal disease
  • discoloured and uneven teeth
  • ill-fitting dentures
  • extensive dental work, such as bridges and crowns
  • told you don’t have enough healthy bone for dental implants



We focus entirely on the EvoSolution, in which you should have at least one full jaw requiring all-on-four dental implants. As such, we don’t offer routine or general dental services that you would normally receive from your own dentist every six month, but we offer a dedicated aftercare programme:

  • following surgery, we provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure you recover as quickly as possible
  • we furnish you with information regarding which foods you should initially start to eat and then build up to eating foods you enjoy
  • between 12 – 14 weeks post-surgery, your final prosthesis will be fitted. The time to this point will have allowed the implants to fully integrate with the bone in your jaw and fully heal
  • we will provide you with Evo Care Kit and demonstrate how to use it. There will be a Phillips Sonicare electric toothbrush, Waterpik Waterflosser, flossing brushes and the Evo Oral Hygiene Manual

When you have dental implants Essex, we also have a 6-month sign-off session when we will:

  • check implants are fully integrated with your jawbone
  • check the chewing function of your prosthesis
  • improve and refine the fit if required
  • go over dental implant maintenance routines you carry out at home

We will also ensure you book your annual routine maintenance appointment when we will make extra checks on all-on-four dental implants including taking x-rays, cleaning and discussing any concerns you may have.

Dental implants Essex FAQs

Are all-on-four or all-on-six dental implants the best option for me?

EvoDental have developed an advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants, the EvoSolution™, which can include the use of 4, 5, or 6 dental implants per jaw – depending on the needs and condition of the patient’s jawbone structure.

After your CBCT and 3D scans and free consultation, we will create a treatment plan, with the appropriate number of implants needed to provide a stable base for your dental prosthesis.

This advanced alternative to all-on-four dental implants can use up to 6 implants rather than the traditional 4 and results in a longer-lasting, better fitting prosthesis that helps to evenly distribute the pressure of biting and chewing – while still being fitted in a single day.

However, unlike traditional all-on-four dental implants, over 90% of cases in our advanced alternative use 6 implants, with the extra 2 being placed into the pterygoid bone. This allows for advanced stability and function and allows our patients to eat the foods they love again!

Call us on 0800 470 3058 to request a free consultation or start a live chat by choosing that option at the bottom right of your screen.

How long will my dental implants last?

If you look after your prosthesis and implants properly, you may find that your dental implants can last as long as 20-30 years.

It is important to remember that without appropriate care, their lifespan can be massively reduced, meaning you may need to return for further procedures much sooner than you anticipated.

To help your dental implants last as long as possible, you should:

  • Follow all aftercare instructions closely
  • Return for all check-ups at EvoDental and with your general dentist
  • Maintain your dental hygiene stringently, brushing and flossing at least twice per day
  • Eat a balanced diet, limit drinking alcohol, and stop smoking

For more advice on how to care for your dental implants, you can read our recent blog  Aftercare advice for smile in a day implants: what you need to know – or contact our friendly patient coordinator team by email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How much do dental implants in Essex cost?

Depending on which EvoSolution™ you opt for, the price for your treatment will change.

  • EvoEssential™ will cost £9,300 for a single jaw or £17,600 for both jaws.
  • EvoAdvanced™ solution will cost £13,800 for a single jaw, or £23,800 for both jaws.
  • EvoUltimate™ solution will cost £17,600 for a single jaw, or £29,000 for both jaws.

These prices include everything from scans to anaesthetics and a free consultation.

For more information, explore our pricing and finance packages or contact us today. You can call us on or email us, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Can I replace both my upper and lower jaw with dental implants?

It is perfectly possible to replace the upper and lower jaw with dental implants, as explored in the pricing of our various EvoSolutions™.

Both treatments would be carried out on the same day, taking as little as 1-2 hours per jaw, and each bespoke prosthesis is manufactured on the same day.

This allows patients to go home on surgery day with a restored bite, so they can socialise, and smile again naturally, without discomfort or fear of embarrassment.

Whether you need one, or both jaws replaced, we always complete the process in one day with a bespoke prosthesis.

To get your dental implant journey underway, reach out to book your free consultation online, or give us a call on and one of our patient coordinators can arrange a consultation for a time and date that suits you.

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