When it comes to ‘smile in a day’ full mouth dental implants, our team are the most experienced in the UK. This means that we have a duty to offer the most thorough and informed treatment and care from the moment you come for your free 90 minute consultation to those days, weeks and months following your procedure.

Here’s what you can expect from our dedicated aftercare programme:

Surgery Day

We will give you detailed aftercare instructions of how to look after your mouth and new teeth in the days following surgery so that you can recover as quickly as possible, this will tell you what to do at different intervals following surgery and include what to do if you have any problems, although serious problems are extremely rare, we are here to help.

We will also give you information around what foods to start of with and build up to, as a rough guide you can eat anything you can easily cut with a fork straight after receiving your new fixed teeth.

6 week review

6 weeks after your initial prosthetic was fitted on the day of surgery we will check your progress and healing before your receive your final prosthetic in a further 6 – 8 weeks time.

12-14 weeks

12-14 weeks after your surgery, we fit your final prosthesis. This time allows for the implants to fully integrate with your mouth and fully heal. Then the final bridge that has been designed by our expert engineers, made with the leading technological advances, and hand-finished by our artisan technicians is fitted at this appointment. Reinforced, slimmer and more aesthetic, it’s even better than your initial set!

Here you will receive your Evo Care Kit and be taken through a detailed demonstration of how to use the pieces in the kit, including a Phillips Sonicare electric toothbrush, Waterpik Waterflosser, flossing brushes and your Evo Oral Hygiene Manual.

Routine Maintenance

You will be advised on how often to visit us for your routine maintenance appointments. At these we will perform a thorough examination of your EvoSolutionTM  to ensure all of the following:

  • The implant is stable and well-integrated
  • The prosthesis isn’t showing signs of wear and tear
  • The supporting structures (soft tissue levels and bone) are healthy
  • The extra and intra oral examination is carried out including x-rays if needed
  • Microscopic analysis of your prosthesis in our on-site lab where necessary to ensure a continued excellent fit.
  • A history is taken along with a discussion of any concerns since your last visit.
  • Oral cancer screening is performed.
  • Take necessary x-rays to check the health of the bone around the implants and report on x-rays.
  • Clean the implant interfaces and underneath the prosthesis with an air polisher.
  • Remove staining from the bridges if necessary.
  • Inspect access covers and replace any that may be missing.
  • Change the screws/re-torque the screws in the bridge (if necessary).
  • Oral hygiene advice regarding home care regimes to look after the implants, soft tissue and prostheses.

Please note we only remove bridges if it is deemed clinically necessary. You may need to return for a separate chargeable appointment if oral hygiene dictates prosthetic removal.

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