Could It Be Time To Replace Your Dentures?

There are several million denture-wearers in the UK alone and for many, especially those who have worn dentures for many years – there comes a time when the denture will need to be replaced.

It can be all too tempting to put this off and to try and get the very longest wear out of your temporary teeth, but there are some signs that shouldn’t be ignored, and today we’re taking a look at some of these.

Are you ignoring the tell-tale signs that your denture needs replacing?

We get it. Nobody wants to spend time (and money) sitting in the dentists’ chair only to come away with temporary teeth. But – if it has been a while since you last saw your dentist, or you’ve had the same dentures for as long as you can remember, the chances are that you may be overdue a replacement.

Did you know:

  • Over the course of your life, your mouth will undergo several natural changes which can mean your dentures need to be constantly readjusted to fit.
  • You still need to see a dentist regularly, even with dentures, so that they can spot oral issues early on.
  • The longer you leave an ill-fitting denture, the more damaging it can be.

Below we have compiled a list of some of the most common signs that your denture is in need of a replacement – if you can recognise even one of these in yourself, then it’s time you contacted your dentist:

  • Your dentures are loose – struggling to eat, drink and chat as normal through fear of your dentures falling out? Then they may need relining or completely replacing.
  • Your dentures are falling out – if you’ve bypassed loose dentures and now experience them falling out when they didn’t before, it’s a clear sign that they need adjusting.
  • Slurring your words – if you’re finding it difficult to speak and articulate yourself it may be because your dentures are no longer the right fit for your mouth.
  • Difficulty eating – this is a sure sign that your dentures are past their best. Dentures should feel snug and comfortable, but if yours are old they may have become too loose, leading to rubbing and irritation when eating.
  • Discoloured dentures – just like our teeth, dentures become discoloured over time. They can also become chipped and damaged with age, which can become embarrassing for you and impact your confidence.
  • Sores in the mouth – as dentures sit on the gum line, they are more likely to cause sores later down the line when they become less well-fitted.

Could it be time to consider a denture alternative?

Whether you’ve worn dentures for most of your life or just a few years, if you’re finding that yours are no longer performing as they should, then you may be considering denture-alternatives as an option.

There are a few different denture alternatives out there, but by far the most popular (and successful) are dental implants. This type of denture alternative is not only completely permanent, but it also offers a more natural feeling set of teeth that you can rely on to keep its shape for years to come.

Here at EvoDental, we specialise in denture alternatives, with our EvoSolutions providing long-lasting, confidence-boosting solutions for advanced tooth loss. So, if you’re sick of your dentures and want an alternative, why not get in touch with our team for a free consultation?

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