The Four Biggest Complaints About Dentures

Dentures have been around for as long as we can remember, being the go-to solution for tooth-loss for decades. However, in 2021 there are a wider range of options available to those who have suffered from gum disease than ever before – leaving much to be desired when it comes to the once favoured denture.

But – why are dentures becoming less popular in today’s modern age? Here at EvoDental, the vast majority of the patients who come to us have either had a denture in the past but no longer wears one or has one in situ and is unhappy with how it performs.

But what are the biggest reasons for the rapid decline in those opting for dentures? Read on to find out four of the biggest denture complaints . . .

They restrict the foods that can be eaten

Most dentures reduce biting force, meaning that from crunchy apples and toffees to steak and other tough food items, the list of items that suddenly can no longer safely be consumed without running the risk of causing expensive damage to your denture is long.

Not only do patients report a difficulty in eating hard or crunchy foods, but the plastic of the denture covers the whole palette, also impacting the tastebuds and significantly dulling the flavours of food.

They are Ill-fitting

When having dentures fitted, an impression of your mouth is taken for a close-fitting prosthesis, however because the dentures will inevitably shift slightly whenever you move your mouth, overtime this movement can cause irritation and make them painful to wear.

The good news is that a poorly fitted denture can be rectified by getting them adjusted, however it is unlikely to ever be permanently resolved.

They are unnatural looking

Do your dentures look fake? The chances are that they don’t look as natural as you’d have hoped. Whether they are too “bright” and unnatural or they aren’t as well-fitting as you’d hopes resulting in them moving around your mouth when you speak, eat or drink – there are a number of ways that your dentures may be noticeably fake.

They’re impossible to get used to!

Ultimately, dentures are a temporary fix for tooth loss, and can feel foreign in the mouth to begin with. But, for many patients who have had dentures fitted, the unusual feeling is one they simply can’t get used to, often resulting in them avoiding wearing their removal denture all together.

Whether you’re opting to only wear your denture when you’re out in public, never put it in due to discomfort or find yourself avoiding living life to the full through embarrassment or shame, you’re not alone.

The good news is that there is a number of innovative denture alternatives you can consider, even in the most severe cases of tooth loss, and our team at EvoDental are experts in the field.

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