4 Common Mistakes To Avoid With All-On-Four Dental Implants

Sadly, we all have to accept that there may come a time where we lose our teeth, either as a result of trauma or disease. This can not only change our facial shape and make us look older, but affect our ability to eat and speak, too.

In the past, dentists would recommend dentures because there were no other options available. But aside from being uncomfortable and embarrassing, a denture is only a temporary fix for missing teeth.

The good news is – thanks to modern innovations within dentistry – several denture alternatives provide a more permanent, natural-looking, and cost-effective solution – including our all-on-four dental implants.

What Is The All-On-Four Procedure?

The all-on-four dental treatment is a complete restoration of the upper and lower jaw. By fitting four dental implants to a dental bridge to replace an entire row of teeth, it provides a permanent solution for patients who are suffering from tooth loss.

Given that they can help you to achieve your dream smile in less time, with shorter healing times, it’s clear to see why all-on-four dental implants are a desirable option for so many.

But there are several things you need to be mindful of to ensure you make an informed decision…

4 Things To Avoid With All-On-Four Implants

  1. Poor dental work

The all-on-four procedure is different to that of traditional dental implants and, as with most things, there is a big difference between being able to perform the procedure and being able to do it well.

You want to trust that the dentist has experience in abundance. Don’t be afraid to research their credentials and ask them how many cases they’ve done over the years. The more, the better!

  1. Assuming everyone qualifies for the all-on-four treatment
  1. Eating hard foods

Understanding what foods are safe to eat post-surgery will not only reduce the effects of pain and/or swelling but can also ensure you are on the path to a speedy recovery – allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of the all-on-four treatment.

During the first two weeks following the procedure, your mouth, jaw, and throat are likely to be sore, and eating may prove to be difficult. Therefore, it’s advised you avoid hard foods and maintain a liquid diet instead. Drink plenty of water, protein shakes, meal replacement drinks, smoothies, yoghurts, ice cream, soup, etc.

After the initial two weeks, the soreness should have subsided and your jaw will be starting to heal nicely, so you should be able to switch to softer foods, such as eggs, cheese, quinoa, oatmeal, soft bread, mashed potatoes, and other vegetables. Of course, you can use a blender to prepare your food to assist the healing process even further.

  1. Smoking

Whilst lifestyle factors, such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol, don’t necessarily prevent you from having all-on-four dental implants, they can increase the risk of dental implant failure and affect the success of your treatment.

Most dentists will encourage you to quit smoking completely, or at least cut back, before starting treatment. This is because it impairs osseointegration and prevents the implants from healing properly after they have been placed.

Patients who have all-on-four implants and continue to smoke will need to pay closer attention to their oral health and implant maintenance – brushing twice daily, flossing, and attending routine check-ups.

Are You A Suitable Candidate For all-On-Four Dental Treatment?

Have you got failing, wobbly or loose teeth? Already had extensive dental work, such as crowns or bridges? Perhaps you’ve been told by your dentist that your only viable option is to wear a denture? Well look no further because, here at EvoDental, we specialise in all-on-four dental treatment.

Over the years, our clinicians have helped thousands of patients to restore their smiles and improve their oral health with all-on-four dental implants, and we are confident that we can help you.

We use only the best materials and technological advances in dental care at our UK-based labs and guarantee clear, transparent pricing – ensuring no hidden all on four costs. If your finances are holding you back from getting all-on-four dental implants, we’re proud to offer 0% finance options to help spread the cost of your treatment.

If you have any questions about the all-on-four procedure or would like to check your eligibility for treatment, we welcome you to book a free, no-obligation consultation with our clinical team today.

And if our all-on-four dental implants aren’t a viable option for you, because you don’t have enough bone for conventional dental implants, we’d be more than happy to talk to you some more about our EvoSolution.

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