Are Dental Implants Abroad Safe?

There has been a huge boom in the number of people travelling to foreign countries like Turkey, Romania, or Hungary, to get low-priced dental implant treatment, according to reports from the travel companies designed for treatment abroad.

Companies such as Medical Travel Market, Dental Departures, and Dent Royal experienced unprecedented demand at the end of 2023, with inquiry increases up over 450% in some cases – a figure that they do not expect to let up as we continue into 2024.

But with the general opinion being that travelling abroad for treatment is risky, why are so many considering it and is it safe?

Are dental implants in Turkey safe?

It’s no secret that if you travel abroad for dental implants, the risks can increase.

This could be because of a lack of scans, testing, aftercare, a language barrier, different dental standards, and materials being used.

The British Dental Association reported in 2022 a shocking selection of statistics, taken directly from dentists who have treated patients who received dental implants abroad. They found:

  • Most require extra treatment in the UK – 85% of professionals identified dental implants as the treatment most likely to require follow-up work back in the UK.
  • Treatment can fail or be unsuccessful –  with failing or failed treatment in 86% of cases, pain in 76%, and poorly executed treatment in 72% of patients.
  • It cost their patients more in the long run 65% found that patients paid at least £500 to repair the damage, 51% reported that patients had to pay more than £1,000, while for 20%, remedial costs exceeded £5,000.

Why are people considering dental implants abroad?

The main reasons people consider traveling for dental implant treatment in other countries relate to price and a lack of clarity in the UK market.

An increase in the cost-of-living

As households across the UK tighten their belts, complex dental procedures can seem low priority for many.

But, when you see prices for dental implants in Turkey, or similar places, advertised as comparatively cheaper than in the UK – people become tempted.

Similarly, as each UK clinic seems to charging a different price for dental implant treatment, it can be more work than people are willing to undertake to find out what is included and what this treatment covers compared to others.

A lack of trusted dental implant providers

For a myriad of reasons, patients can struggle to access dental implants and their main options are private dental implant providers.

Some private providers are limited by whom they can provide treatment to, as patients with complex cases may have additional needs or need more bespoke treatment that they can’t accommodate.

These patients include those who have:

  • Loose or failing teeth
  • An ill-fitting denture
  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Advanced gum or periodontal disease
  • The need for a bone graft or sinus lift
  • Complex, existing dental work, such as crowns or bridges

A complex marketplace

Alternatively, patients can struggle to find a provider because of the sheer number of clinics offering a wealth of different dental implant treatments.

With dental implants being offered under various names, including but not limited to ‘all on four,’ or ‘all on six,’ ‘full-mouth dental implants,’ ‘same day smiles,’ and more, it can be hard to know if what you need is offered by the clinic in question without really researching.

Choose a trusted dental implant provider in the UK

EvoDental offers an advanced alternative to all on 4 dental implants, the EvoSolution™ that means more people, no matter their unique circumstances or anatomy, can get dental implants.

 The EvoSolution™ allows for bespoke implant placement, an increased number of teeth per prosthesis – that is fitted on surgery day – and a permanent solution for anyone looking to replace their missing or failing teeth.

All without having to travel abroad.

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