What do full mouth dental implants cost?

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If you need full jaw rehabilitation, full mouth dental implants, such as all on 4 dental implants, are common treatment options.

Due to the popularity of these treatments, there are a vast number of providers offering these treatments – for an array of possible prices.

What do dental implants cost?

Thanks to the differences in full mouth dental implant treatments, there is a large array of potential prices, ranging anywhere from £9,300 – £35,000.

On average, although it is likely to change clinic-by-clinic, you should expect to pay:

Treatment typeAverage cost
Implant-retained dentures£10,000 – £16,000
All on 4 dental implantsFrom £11,000 for one jaw and between £17,000 – £35,000 or more for both jaws
Clinic-specific solutions – the EvoSolution™£9,300 – £29,000

Why do full mouth dental implants cost different amounts?

When comparing a like-for-like full mouth dental implant cost, it can be confusing to see that there is such a difference in prices.

While this will naturally differ as each clinic has the freedom to price treatments however they wish, full mouth dental implant costs can also change based on other factors.

Common reasons for price fluctuations can include: 

It might not be the same procedure

Used openly in marketing and website content interchangeably, not all full mouth dental implant treatments are actually like-for-like.

For instance, ‘All on 4’ is a type of treatment that uses 4 implants to secure a full jaw prosthesis. On the other hand, the term ‘smile in a day’ implants can be applied to any full mouth treatment that can be fitted in a single day – sometimes including all on 4 treatments.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all smile in a day treatments use only 4 implants or that all on 4 treatments can be completed within a day – it depends entirely on the dental implant provider you choose.

For this reason, if you are researching full mouth dental implant costs, it is important to focus specifically on the procedures, techniques, and benefits of the advertised treatment – without assuming that any of them are the same.

Likewise, when looking for quotes, be sure to ask for the particulars about what the procedures, techniques, and benefits are, so you can develop your understanding and ensure you are choosing the right treatment.

EvoDental list our range of EvoSolution™ treatments throughout our marketing, outlining any differences in the procedures, techniques, or benefits when they occur.

The prices might not include everything

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full mouth dental implant costs are commonly marketed as packages, which seem to include everything.

However, as treatment progresses, you may find that the advertised price doesn’t cover it all, including common features like:

  • Consultations
  • Scans and imagery, including CBCT scans
  • A final prosthesis

Importantly, this is not to be confused with necessary treatment changes or extras, like:

  • Alternative anaesthetics, like IV sedation
  • Preparatory treatments, like bone grafts and sinus lifts
  • Staged treatments
  • Specialist implants, like zygomatic implants

At EvoDental, all pricing and quotes clearly demonstrate what is specifically included within the full mouth dental implant cost and what is not.

Only entrance-level treatment prices may be advertised

It is also worth being aware that some full mouth dental implants costs can appear more attractive if the price of the most affordable treatment is attached to the benefits of more complex treatments.

If you are considering treatment at EvoDental, we have three possible treatment options, which each have a respective price range. These include: 

Treatment typeCost
EvoEssential™£9,300 Single Jaw
£17,600 Both Jaws
EvoAdvanced™£13,800 Single Jaw
£23,800 Both Jaws
EvoUltimate™£17,600 Single Jaw
£29,000 Both Jaws

For a full mouth dental implant cost that is easy to understand – contact EvoDental

If you need full mouth dental implants to restore your bite, give you the freedom to enjoy food and socialising again, and enhance your smile, be sure to carefully explore the associated pricing that comes with each solution offered.

Clear and transparent full mouth dental implant costs can help patients make an informed decision, understanding exactly what to expect and how they will benefit from implant treatment.

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