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Many people who visit us for fixed teeth on full mouth implants are struggling to cope both physically and emotionally. Typically, patients present with severe gum disease (loose teeth), are experiencing failing restorative treatment such as crowns, bridges, fillings and root-canal treatments; or have extensive tooth loss – and are now struggling in their day to day life without teeth, or with dentures.

Evo patient Gordon came to EvoDental because he was fed up with his loose, uncomfortable dentures. He didn’t want to worry about eating out with his family and friends or hide his mouth every time he smiled. Check out the slider to see how we transformed Gordon’s life with our full fixed teeth on dental implants EvoSolution™ – watch Gordon’s journey here

Inevitably, conditions above dictate that they are no longer able to enjoy the foods they once loved. Instead, adopting a diet of soft and processed foods – many of which are heavily lacking in essential vitamins and nutrients.

Moreover, and from an emotional perspective, personal relationships become affected and often, people find themselves withdrawing from social interaction or avoiding contact altogether – all of which can lead to a severe lack of self-confidence.

If you can relate to any of this, then you are not alone…

It is estimated that 3.8 million UK residents (approximately 6% of the population) are missing all their teeth, many of whom wear full dentures. However, while full or complete dentures can restore dentition to a degree, they are not without their issues…

The Problems of Dentures Instead of a Fixed Teeth Replacement Option

Whilst dentures are an option to replace missing and failing teeth, there remains significant drawbacks and limitations in their functionality.

So why is this?

Firstly, dentures are not a fixed teeth replacement, they are designed to be removable. This means that they are not entirely stable in the mouth during function.

Secondly, because dentures are designed to sit on the gums they cannot, for instance, prevent natural bone loss that occurs when teeth are missing, Instead, they accelerate this process by means of the pressure they apply to the bone. Over time, continued bone loss leads to jawbone deterioration which, in turn, can cause dentures to become looser and unstable. Anyone who has suffered from loose or ill-fitting dentures will know how uncomfortable or embarrassing this can be.

Moreover, while fixed teeth on full mouth implants have the ability to restore most, if not all of your chewing capability, it’s estimated that the bite capacity – and therefore the ability to chew food – in denture wearers is reduced by as much as 80%. This means that despite regaining full dentition, the food choices of any individual wearing full dentures are again, severely limited.

Finally, there is the issue of denture movement and instability. Unlike full jaw implants which consist of a series of dental implants that are anchored into the jaw bone – dentures rely on a combination of suction and dental adhesive to keep them in position. When dentures become loose, they can be prone to denture slippage, often occurring when the wearer is speaking or eating. Ultimately, this results in a huge source of embarrassment for the individual concerned.

Full Mouth Implants – How They Address and Overcome These Issues

What if you could undergo fixed teeth replacement that allows you to eat, socialise, and smile again naturally, without discomfort or fear of embarrassment?

This is what fixed teeth on full mouth dental implants can do.

Full jaw implants have the ability to preserve healthy bone and are fitted without the need for time-consuming and costly bone grafting. They look, behave, and – to all intent and purpose – function just like natural teeth. Once fitted, they have the ability to restore and retain your facial shape. In essence, full mouth implants are a working set of natural-looking teeth.

Dental implants in one day – The ideal solution

As the name suggests, fixed teeth on full jaw implants provide complete and functional rehabilitation of either an entire jaw or both jaws – in just one day.

The process comprises of a fixed full-arch custom dental bridge which is permanently held in position by 4-6 dental implants. During the procedure, all implants are placed.

Then, if you are having the EvoEssential treatment, your permanent set of fixed teeth will be fitted on the same day.

Alternatively, if you opt for the EvoAdvanced treatment, you will leave with your first set of fixed teeth and your final set will be fitted after 16 weeks. In both cases, at no point will you have to wear a temporary denture.

All of our fixed teeth are digitally designed by experienced technicians and clinicians and hand-finished to give an exacting fit that also compliments your facial structure.

The end result is a fixed full jaw reconstruction that is meticulously designed and perfectly executed to be as close as we can both clinically and technically to your natural dentition.

If you have been told that dentures are the only viable option, or you are missing multiple teeth and are looking for a fixed and life-changing solution, book a consultation with our highly skilled team at Evo Dental we specialise in full jaw dental implants that change smiles and lives every single day!

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