Charlene Finn

Lab Assistant at the Liverpool Supercentre

Evo Profile 

I work as a Laboratory Assistant at the Evo Liverpool Supercentre in-house Laboratory.  Assisting in the production of the worlds most advanced prostheses.

I believed I am a dedicated and hard working person with the motto “you don’t get anywhere in life without working hard for it “.  I have worked from the age of 16.

Liverpool is my home and am very proud to say that I’m from this city.  During my school years, I achieved grades that I could be proud of and I followed on and studied various subjects at Liverpool art college were I achieved art and design qualifications.

I held many restaurant and bartending jobs which allowed me to enhance my people skills, team work, organisational skills and the ability to provide a service with a smile. I always I could do more to help people with this skillset and Evodental gave me that opportunity.

I have progressed not just in my work but also family life. I am a wife to a great husband and a mum to two fabulous boys.  This, in itself, is my biggest achievement in life.  I work hard for what I have, and can say am proud of myself.


  • 2007 – present – Lab assistant – Evodental 

  • 2010 – 2017 -Decontamination technician  – Evodental 

  • 2007 – 210 – Receptionist