Hi, my name is Sarah, I am a senior nurse at EvoDental in Birmingham. I have been in dentistry for 14 years and have worked in both private and NHS services. I have been a nurse supervisor and trainer and have experience in minor oral surgeries and cosmetic dentistry. I chose to work at EvoDental to advance my existing skills and knowledge so that I could progress my career.

I joined EvoDental in March 2021 working at the Birmingham Clinic and really enjoy forming relationships with our patients and watching the journey they take with the EvoDental team. The team at EvoDental are really committed to making a patient’s life better and this gives an opportunity for real job satisfaction.

In my own time I like to go to the gym and spending time with my family and friends.

What I most enjoy about working at EvoDental is that I get to play a part in making a real difference for people, both aesthetically and functionally.  It is really rewarding knowing that you have made such a difference to someone’s life.

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