Dr Alexander Victor

Hello, I’m Alexander, a passionate and dedicated dental professional committed to making a meaningful impact in the field of dentistry. I graduated from the European University of Madrid in 2020 with a strong foundation in dental science.

Driven by the desire to find fulfilment in my career, I explored various areas of dentistry. It was during an enlightening experience day at EvoDental that I discovered a perfect blend of skill, care, and professionalism. Witnessing the transformations and the heartfelt reactions from patients convinced me that this was the place where I could truly make a difference.

Currently, I proudly serve as a clinical intern at EvoDental, learning from some of the country’s top surgeons. This invaluable experience has deepened my understanding of advanced dental procedures and patient care. To further enhance my expertise, I am concurrently pursuing a Masters in Advanced Implantology, consolidating the knowledge gained during my time with EvoDental.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am an avid squash player and cyclist, finding joy in an active and healthy lifestyle. Additionally, my appreciation for the performing arts allows me to engage in diverse and enriching experiences outside of the dental world.

I am excited about the journey ahead, continually growing as a dental professional and contributing to the transformative work that defines EvoDental.

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