Dr Dharmesh Mistry

I received my dental degree in 2004 from the University of Liverpool, winning prizes in Oral Surgery and Children’s dentistry. During my career I have been fortunate to gain invaluable experience in cosmetic dentistry, occlusion (the bite), orthodontics and implant surgery; whilst working and training in prestigious practices around the world.

Dentistry is more of a passion than a job for me. The main aspect I enjoy is building long lasting trust worthy relationships with my patients. Many patients comment on how they ‘feel safe’ with my care which is nice to know.

With this broad experience, I am able to treat and offer solutions to all my patients for all differing problems. I now treat complex implant surgeries ranging from working on sinuses to patients who need full mouth reconstructions.

Aside from ‘teeth’, I am sports mad; I am an ardent Leeds United supporter but don’t hold that against me. I also like to travel, seeing different cultures and backgrounds, and am fortunate to have been to many places around the world.