Hello, my name is Ewelina and I am Dental Technician in EvoDental Liverpool Clinic.

I joined EvoDental in 2022. It was the best decision I ever made. I was always enthusiastic about dental technology. Finally I found place where I can share my passion and discover so many new things.

Every person in EvoDental is made for what they do. There are no random people here. It makes me even more proud I am a part of this place.

What I love about working at Evodental is a helping people to be themselves again. It’s not only a teeth. It’s not only a medical product. It’s a self-confidence, it’s a brand new smile for one’s you love, it’s motivation to do whatever you always wanted to do but you doubt yourself. We do really change people’s live’s. Every day I see incredible results of our work, tears of joy and life changing metamorphosis. That’s my goal and passion, it makes me happy and smile every day.

Outside the work I enjoy spending time with my family. I am addicted to buying and reading books. Specially nonfiction but I also interested in mythology and some fantasy. 

I love to discover new facts and knowledge. I spent weekends or my days off on travelling and showing world to my son.

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