Narcisa Ancuta

Hi, I am Narcisa and I am working at the EvoDental clinic in Heathrow. My journey as a dental nurse started in 2015, when I was working as Dental Receptionist in Milan and I was interested in the clinical part of dentistry and decided to become a dental nurse. I joined Evo in November 2020 and it has been fascinating for me to work at Evo, as they use the latest technology to help patients getting their smile and confidence back.

I enjoy being part of the big team at Evo, especially when we are doing the surgical procedures, as the experience of nursing for each patient is very unique and life changing. It is always amazing to see how our hard work for our patients pays off. Seeing the Trustpilot review on our website makes my day and it is always a pleasure being part of their journey.

My hobbies are doing yoga, cooking and travelling.