The Effect Of One Day Dental Implants On Self-Esteem

If you have never suffered from oral health issues before, it can be easy to take your teeth for granted. But anyone who has struggled with teeth or gum problems will know all too well how massive the impact on confidence and self-esteem can be.

For those who struggle with the symptoms of gum disease, everything from social get-togethers and meals out to speaking with colleagues and meeting new people can be impacted. Physical side effects aside, for many, it can strip away all confidence and even lead to an almost recluse-like state of living.

What’s worse is that so many individuals who do suffer from advanced gum disease are told by dental professionals that there’s nothing that can be done. No permanent solution, with the only option usually being dentures.

Sound familiar? Keep reading to find out how the team at EvoDental can help . . .

Transform your life with our one day dental implants

One day dental implants may sound impossible – especially for those who have constantly been told they are unsuitable for implants. But the truth is, we have helped thousands of patients regain their smile, their confidence – and in many cases, their lives – with our one day dental implants.

We identified early on that there was a severe lack of options for those patients who suffered from advanced gum disease and tooth loss. That’s why we only specialise in our unique smile in a day treatment, and thanks to our unique and advanced approach, we rarely have to turn a patient down.

We have seen first-hand how severe the effects on self-esteem are for those struggling with periodontal disease, but we are proud to say we have helped thousands of people regain their love of life with our same-day treatment.

What does the smile in a day procedure involve?

It may sound too good to be true, but you really can leave our clinic in just one day with a brand new permanent smile. Unlike other dental clinics, we specialise exclusively in this dental implant treatment, which has allowed us to invest in research, materials, equipment and facilities.

Everything from our on-site lab to our team of experts has been put together so that from initial consultation through to the bespoke design of your prosthesis and the procedure itself, you never have to go elsewhere.

It means you can leave our clinic with a brand new smile that transforms the way you look and feel for the long-run. And, to ensure long-term success and happiness, you will be given thorough aftercare and regular check-ups.

You will never receive dentures from us.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Gum disease and severe tooth loss can have a huge physical impact over time, but the effects mentally can be immediate and long-lasting. We have seen thousands of patients who have felt like they’ve missed out on life because of their smile, and we are proud to say we have helped to turn that around for so many of them.

We rarely have to turn a patient away, which is why we offer a free of charge consultation for anyone who is considering one day dental implants. This can help you to gain a better understanding of what’s involved and can ensure you’re right for this particular treatment.

Our warm and friendly team are highly experienced, and welcome anyone who may be thinking about dental implants, but are perhaps apprehensive or worried that their gum disease is too advanced, to get in touch.

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